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The Best Christmas Gifts Ideas

It’s that time of year…time to make your Christmas gift list. We thought we’d start our Christmas gift ideas for those that are most excited for Christmas, the kids! Are you wondering what to get the kids and teens this year? 

Will you be doing more online shopping this year? We definitely are! In fact, the thought of shopping in a crowded store this year gives me the heebie-jeebies! 

With that in mind, we compiled the best online Christmas gift ideas for kids and teens in 2020. Take a little of the stress out of shopping this year, by scrolling online with our Christmas gift guide.

Christmas Gift Ideas - Experiences for Kids

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Do you feel that sometimes kids just have too much stuff?! Not only are they constantly bombarded with ads, but they also get the idea that they need it all! Yet, I see that they are overwhelmed by all of the stuff. Often I hear them say, “I’m just so board!”, while they are surrounded by too much stuff!

So, why not give them the Christmas gift this year of experiences! In fact, my 6 year old grandson, Aiden said “instead of presents this year can we just go to Disneyland?”.

That makes me so happy to hear that, because that’s exactly what we gave as Christmas gifts for our kids and grandkids in 2018. These are memories they will always treasure.

Due to the spread of this virus and the closure of Disneyland this year, I’m sorry that this will not be their gifts this year.

Our List of Experience Gifts

However, experiences are a great Christmas gift idea for kids. We compiled a list of some of our favorite ideas.

  • A get away or vacation, even if it’s just a few days at a hotel with a pool. It is always memorable for kids.
  • Season pass to the zoo, aquarium, water park, children’s museum, etc. This is the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.
  • Special event tickets –  Years ago, my kids loved to listen to the music from the Phantom of the Opera, so when I heard it was coming to town, I splurged and bought tickets for the family. It’s something they have never forgotten.
  • Sporting event tickets –  When my daughter was young she was a huge fan of the Jazz, so we surprised her with tickets to a ball game. Time spent creating memories is always the best gift. 

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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Artist

Instead of buying toys, that get played with a few times and then are discarded, how about encouraging a talent or interest?  We have a couple of budding artists, who love to get new supplies. Below are Christmas gift ideas for artistic kids.

Give the Gift of a Good Book

One of the greatest Christmas gift ideas for kids is to share one of your favorite books as a child. Not only are you sharing something that you love, but it also provides a bond, as you discuss your thoughts together about the book.

Reading books out loud to children stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world. It helps them develop language and listening skills and prepares them to understand the written word. 

In fact, I found these 4 benefits of reading books, from

  1. Reading makes you more empathetic. It’s a way to escape your own life, and can take you to faraway lands, other times and put you in other peoples shoes.
  2. Keeps your brain healthy by reading.
  3. Reading reduces stress.
  4. Better sleep is achieved with more reading.

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Chef in Training

Do you have a little one, or not so little teen, that loves to experiment in the kitchen. Why not encourage your chef in training with cookbooks, kits and tools just for them?

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Musician

Music has always been important in our family. We’ve studied music, taken lessons and encouraged our children and grandchildren to develop their talents. With this in mind, the gift of music is another great Christmas gift idea for kids and teens alike.

Sporty Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Kids have a lot of energy, clearly being active is so important for their emotional and physical health. Most kids today get stuck in a rut of video gaming, but how about encouraging them to get outdoors and try something new. We’ve compiled a few Christmas gift ideas for kids that will encourage them to go out and play!

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Techie

With out a doubt, kids these days were born to do techie things. For instance, if I can’t figure out something on my phone, I just hand it to one of the kids and they can show me. It’s seems to be in the DNA! 

If your kids or grandkids are like mine, they may have a wish list for a few tech items this year.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids Bedrooms

We love finding gifts that will make their space, their bedroom more cozy and inviting. Creating a space where they can relax, a space that reflects who they are is so important. Below you find a few Christmas gift ideas for cozying up the kiddos bedrooms. 

Christmas Gift Ideas - Games

It seems like every year we like to find a new game that can be played as a family. Not only does it encourage conversation, but it also builds relationships. Scroll down to see a couple of ideas that are on our Christmas gift list this year.

Fashion Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Do you have a fashionista in your family? It seems the older they get the more particular they get about their appearance. A new outfit or styling items is always a welcomed Christmas gift idea for teens and kids alike.

You’ll also find some very meaningful gifts that can express your love and dreams for them, like the morse-code necklace.

Have we given you some ideas for Christmas gifts for kids and teens this year? We hope so!

Your turn, please share your ideas for Christmas gifts for kids and teens. Have you put together your list yet?

Thank you for spending some time with us today!

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids & Teens

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