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Hello friends!  Here I am just sitting in the waiting room at the Dr’s office.  Thought I’d try to be productive while I’m sitting here.  There’s nothing worse than waiting for the Dr. and knowing how much stuff is on the to do list while time is ticking away.  Luckily my Dr. usually runs close to on time, but you never know when the day might be backed up.  So, here I am working away.

If you’ve been following us on Instagram you know that we spent the weekend up in Logan a couple weeks back and went to the Vintage Market Days.  We found so many unique pieces to bring home!

My aunt Brooke joined us for this girls weekend. We all had so much fun!  She and I bought large pieces of furniture and we had to rent a trailer to get everything home! 😂

Her dresser ended up being about 1/2″ too big to fit into the trailer 🤦 so she had to ride all the way home squished like this! 😂  It’s all part of the fun, making memories we’ll keep laughing at for years to come.  

Awe…the sights, sounds and smells at the Vintage Market.  Many cute cars were displayed throughout the space, classic hits from the 40’s happily streamed through the speakers, and the aroma of mouthwatering morsels filled the air.   It made it feel like we stepped back into time.  

If you’ve never been to a vintage market before this is just a small glimpse of all the amazing treasures you can find at them!  The thing I love about finding vintage items the most is that you’re getting a unique item for your home.  Can you imagine what stories they could tell if they could speak?  What have they seen?  What have they been through?  How were they used?  It’s fun to imagine the possibilities.

This is just a small look at what kind of treasures you can find at a vintage market.  There are always a plethora of old suitcases, globes and of course amazing furniture!

I love the simple idea of turning an old tape measure into a star!  Such a cute way to incorporate a patriotic piece of decor into your home.

Take a look at these vintage wagon wheels turned to wreaths!  How cute is that?!  Some people are just so clever!  Then there are just other cool old pieces like these wooden mallets that were only $5.  

Lights @ the vintage market using utensil holders
My lighting creation using utensil holders

One of the vendors had some really awesome light fixtures made out of old rusty parts.  They had some pretty clever designs, some were even made from vintage toasters!  I decided to capture this one in a picture because they used the exact same element to build these lights that I used to make the DIY industrial chandelier for Mr. G’s teen bedroom!  I thought I was so clever using these utensil holders from IKEA…turns out someone else had the same idea. 😆

Then there’s always that unique piece of furniture you really want to get, and it’s a really reasonable price, you just don’t know where you’d use it…then when you go back to it, someone else beat you to it and it’s been sold!  😔 Sigh…oh well.

Look what beautiful treasures I found and HAD to bring home!  I picked the chair up for $20!  I originally bought it to put in our closet so we have something to sit on while where getting dressed, but it might be too cute to hide away in a closet.  For now I have it next to our new dresser.

First I have to start off by saying that I was not looking for a new dresser, but as I walked away from this piece on day 2 and seeing it hadn’t sold yet, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it!  I made it through several different booths and had to turn around and get it! 

I’d already been wanting to change out my headboard so I thought why not the dresser too?  To wipe that look of question and wonder of “why” from my Hubby’s face, I listed our bedroom set on the Facebook marketplace and it sold in just a day.  I have to tell my Hubby I wasn’t really buying new furniture, it was more like a trade. 🤣 I bring something new home and sell the old.  

I like the dresser just the way it its, but I do have plans to change it up a bit when I give our Master Bedroom a bit of a makeover.  You’ll want to see what I do to it so it incorporates with my theme a little better.

If you’ve been following for a while now, you know that I have a weakness for anything coastal/nautical.  When I saw this amazing driftwood I had to get it!  I didn’t know where I’d put it but I knew I’d make a spot for it.  I think it’s the perfect touch in this nautical bathroom.

I do have plans to build some pretty cool shelves above the toilet, but until I get around to that project this is a great piece to have in this space.

Look how amazing it is!  As I carried it around the market on my arm, so many people commented on it and said what a great find it was.  I love it on the wall, but I was also thinking it could be cute as a centerpiece on a table and put a candle in the middle.  Or it could look great resting on a bookshelf.  So many possibilities for this great find!

Brooke and I walked away form the market with a couple large finds, but my Mom on the other hand found several small items to bring home.  You’ll have to see what she has in the works for these amazing gold frames/mirrors, but for now lets see how she incorporated these other great finds into her home.

I love this rusty old aqua chair she picked up!  It looks so cute out on her patio.  I love the black and white cushion she found and that fun outdoor pillow to add a little pop of color.

Look at this vintage fruit drying tray!  Need I say any more?!  I love all the different areas of staining and water damage that has been done over the years.  It gives it such a great patina!

Look how clever she is!  I love how she incorporated it into the collage of family photos.  Adding a simple wreath to the front makes this a great backdrop!


Now for this adorable throw!  (So I need to let you in on a little secret…it’s not really vintage, but it’s made to look that way.)    

You know my Mom loves all things black and white!  So I knew she wouldn’t be leaving the market without this piece!   I must say it looks great on her DIY blanket ladder she created.  Keep your eyes pealed for an upcoming post to see what she made it out of!  You’ll be shocked!

Just look at those pom poms, it is a pretty adorable throw!

Who doesn’t need an old box that once shipped Libby’s corned beef, from Brazil nonetheless?! 😆  Be honest…if you saw this would you think to yourself “what in the world would I do with this?”  To me it’s one of those awesome finds that you may not have a purpose for at the time, but you know you’ll think of a clever way to use it somehow so you end up getting it!

flea market vintage box

She’s done it again.  What a clever idea to add some fresh flowers and use the box as a planter box.  It’s a beautiful centerpiece.  

She also found this great vintage mortar and pestle.  I love how she’s arranged it with some of her vintage tea pots.  It’s a great conversation piece that’s for sure.

What’s the best treasure you’ve brought home from a vintage market or antique store?  Do you know the history behind the piece?  We’d love to hear your stories.  

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