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If you have kids or grand-kids, then you know how much stuff they collect.

Their toys tend to be everywhere!

Maybe you’re drowning in their toy clutter?

As you are probably aware, they tend to not put them away without a system for keeping them organized.

Does the thought of trying to organize all of these toys just overwhelm you?

Then take a look at How to Organize Toys in Three Simple Steps.

Since we are always looking for a little inspiration to keep our homes organized, we’ve put together 30 brilliant toy organizing ideas you need to see!

Take a look and get inspired!

Organizing Toys with Under Bed Storage Ideas

Under bed toy organizing idea, large DIY segmented rolling drawer with clear plastic containers to store lego pieces. The left side is open for building lego sets.

Image credit:

Certainly we love this brilliant idea from Charlotte using the space under the bed.

This rolling drawer keeps the Legos neatly contained, plus there’s a place for building too!

Toy organizing idea, under bed drawer used to store dress up clothes.

Image credit:

Next check out this clever Ikea hack to create storage under the bunk beds.

This space is now used to store dress-up clothes.

Toy Organizing Ideas, Ikea Pax drawer turned into a rolling under the bed toy box. It holds train tracks, blocks, cars etc.

Image credit:

Medina has created a toy box on wheels.

Not only does it conveniently roll and fits neatly under the bed, but it’s also segmented and easily organizes lots of toys.

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Organizing Toy Stuffed Animals

DIY Stuffed animal wall shelf with bungee cords for organizing toys.

Image credit:

Obviously, we all know how kids love their stuffed animals!

But they can easily take over a small bedroom.

With this in mind, Medina created a wall display shelf.

Not only does it keep the soft cuddly toys neatly displayed, but they are also easy to access.

Toy organizing idea, DIY bookshelf and stuffed animal storage on the bottom of shelves.

Image credit:

Vineta needed more storage for her sons books and stuffed animals.

So she built this DIY bookcase with additional toy storage.

Lego Toy Organizing Ideas

Lego toy storage idea, sliding plastic bins in a ikea container, labeled for each lego color.

Image credit:

Certainly we all know how painful and frustrating it is to step on a stray Lego piece.

Creative organizing ideas are definitely needed to keep them under control.

So, Tiffany created a Lego table and storage system with Ikea parts.

Toy organizing ideas, DIY white wood lego table wiith sliding white storage bins that hold legos sorted by color.

Image credit:

Not only is this DIY Lego desk the perfect place to build and create, but it also functions as a homework station too.

woman's hands placing pabels on zippered pouches for organizing Lego sets.

Image credit:

Erin organized small Lego sets in mesh bags and labeled them with an image of the design along with her sons initials.

Lego sets are stored in clear plastic shoe containers and labeled with childs initials.

Image credit:

The sets are then stored in labeled clear plastic containers.

Are you loving these incredible toy organizing ideas?!

Barbie Organization

Small Barbie doll accessories are organized in a craft supply container.

Image credit:

How can you keep all those Barbie accessories neat and organized?

Ashley has come up with an easy idea that’s perfect for all of those tiny parts.

A simple segmented craft organizer keeps all of the accessories easy to find.

Toy Car Organizing Ideas

Little boy in front of floating car shelves in bedroom. They keep his car collection organized and easy to access.

Image credit:

Do you know how frustrating it is to try and find the one car you want to play with, but can’t find it in the bin of cars.

To remedy this we built floating car shelves for Aiden to display his Cars collection.

He now can easily find which car he wants to play with and he’s proud to display his collection.

Old tire painted blue with white wood shelves for displaying toy cars.

Image credit:

How fun is this Cars display shelf!

Not only is it practical toy storage, it’s also creative wall art!

Toy Organizing Ideas in a Closet

Toy organizing idea, use existing closet shelves to organize games, puzzles, coloring books, and dress up clothes hang from clothes rod in closet.

Image credit:

If your playroom has a closet, use the space to organize everything from dress-up clothes, to trains and games.

Existing shelves in the closet are used to keep toys neat and organized.

Organizing games, family board games of Racko, Sorry and Clue are place in zippered vinyl pouches and stored in a white an gray basket

Image credit:

How do you go about organizing games, when games boxes come in so many different shapes and sizes?

Clearly, it makes keeping them organized a chore!

We love this solution with all the family board games stored in labeled pouches.

It makes it so easy to keep the game closet neat and organized!

Organizing Tiny Toys

Toy organizing idea, tiny toys are stored in clear small pantry organizers in shallow drawers.

Image credit:

From Polly pockets to Shopkins, these tiny toys can easily get lost.

So, Chelsea purchased clear pantry organizers to keep these tiny toys neatly organized.

Big Toy Organization

Large toys are stored on whited pained Ikea wooden shelves.

Image credit:

Abby needed a storage solution for the big toys in her home.

Check out her Ikea hack that keeps the toys neat and organized!

DIY Toy Organizing Idea

Toy organizing idea, DIY wood cabinet that stores, games on shelves, books and toys on top, pullout bins to organize more toys and a bungie cage area for stuffed animals.

Image credit:

Not only is this DIY toy organizer an easy beginner build, but it also stores stuffed animals, board games, books and toys.

Mobile Toy Storage

DIY toy storage ideas, make a rolling wire bin for toys.

Image credit:

Heather needed mobile toy storage.

And I think her solution with casters and zip ties is easy and clever.

The best part, it only takes 5 minutes!

Organizing Puzzles

Lightening McQueen puzzle on white table, puzzles are stored in zippered pencil pouces.

Image credit:

Clearly we all know that puzzle boxes quickly become ripped, bent and smashed, resulting in lost puzzle pieces.

We’ve found that zippered pencil pouches are a great way to store kids puzzles.

Game Storage Ideas

Toy organizing idea, games are stored in clear plastic containers, blocks are stored in upcycled clear food containers.

Image credit:

Like puzzle boxes, games boxes can become damaged too.

Labeled clear plastic boxes provide a great way to keep all of the game pieces together.

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Board games are stored in clear labeled mesh bags. Then the bags are placed upright in a grey and white basket.

Image credit:

Frustrated with our current game storage, I removed all game parts and placed them in mesh pouches from The Container Store.

It’s now easy to find and retrieve any game, plus no more lost pieces!

Nerf Gun Storage Idea

Toy organizing idea, nerf guns and supplies are stored on a peg board.

Image credit:

Not only is Dionne’s organizing idea for Nerf guns functional, it also looks terrific on the wall.

While it makes it easy to locate the weapons, there are also hanging bins for ammo.

Kids book storage Ideas

Toy organizing idea, DIY wood book stand.

Image credit:

Create this easy DIY book storage out of scrap lumber.

It’s the perfect project for beginner woodworkers.

Upcycled TV cabinet becomes toy storage for books and small toys. Toy organizing Idea.

Image credit:

Or you can upcycle an old cabinet like Meg did here.

This little green cabinet holds a lot of books.

Organize Toys with Lidded Containers

Toy organizing idea, wooden shelves hold clear labeled containers with locking lids for organizing small toy.

Image credit:

Another great idea to keep toys organized it to use clear labeled containers with lids.

Clearly the kids can easily find what they are looking for.

Fabric Bins

Little boy sitting on floor returning car to the toy bin in bedroom.

Image credit:

If you’re looking to keep the toy clutter hidden but still organized, use fabric bins.

Ikea shelves are used to store colorful bins, books, puppets, tea set and stuffed animals.

Image credit:

Not only do fabric bins come in lots of colors and patterns, but they are really durable.

And we all know kids can be a little rough.

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