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Tulips are one of the best blooms to bring into your home for spring!

I believe they just scream spring!

While we are still buried in snow at least it can feel like spring in my home.

Clearly, tulips vibrant colors and cheerful shapes fill any space with beauty.

Unfortunately, they don’t last very long in a vase if not cared for properly.

That’s why it is important to know how to make tulips last longer in a vase.

With the right care, you can extend the life of your tulips and keep them from drooping or wilting too soon.

For this tulip arrangement I used my painted texture vase. You can learn more about this technique here.

Today I’ll share 9 tips that will help your tulips last longer in a vase.

1. Choose Fresh Tulips

Choose fresh tulips.

Start by selecting high-quality flowers that look freshly cut and are firm to the touch.

Select tulip blooms that have not full opened, with short stems.

Also avoid wilted or browning petals, as these indicate that the tulips have been sitting out for too long.

This will ensure that your tulips will last longer in your home.

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2. Trim Tulip Stems

Trim the tulip stem on a diagonal, removing about 1/2 inch. This allows the tulip to drink in the cold water.

Once you get your tulips home, shower them with a bit of extra H2O.

Trim the stems at a 45° angle and immediately place them in cold water.

This will help keep them fresh and hydrated.

And they’ll stay vibrant for days.

3. Clean the Vase

Make sure the vase is clean.

You don’t want any bacteria growing in the water.

4. Make Your Tulips Last Longer with Food

Before placing your tulips in the vase, prepare to give your tulips the refreshment they need!

Just add a little lemon-lime soda to the water, this helps with their water uptake, while the sugar feeds the blooms.

This is the same treatment I give cutting from my flower garden when making any flower arrangement.

Also a ¼ teaspoon of bleach will inhibit bacteria growth.

When adding water to the vase 1/3 to 1/2 full is plenty.

Just be sure to check it daily, you don’t want it to run dry.

This is an easy way to make sure your beautiful bouquet stays happy, if you want those petals looking perky all week long!

5. Remove Lower Leaf

Remove the lower leave from the tulip stem.

Remove the lower leaf.

You don’t want the leaves touching the water.

While stems are an essential part in keeping bouquets hydrated, adding any additional leafy material increases unwanted bacteria growth.

6. Tulip Pairing

Never underestimate the power of careful flower pairings!

Tulips make an amazing addition to any floral bouquet, but you must be sure to choose a complimentary companion for them.

If you want your tulips to stay beautiful and vibrant for as long as possible, it’s best not to pair them with daffodils!

Studies have found that daffodils release alkaloid compounds which can actually be toxic and reduce the lifespan of tulips in a vase.

7. Avoid Direct Sun and Heat

Protect your tulips from sun and heat.

To help your tulip blooms stay vibrant, keep them out of direct sunlight and heat.

This will ensure that they won’t prematurely droop or drop petals.

Keep those pretty buds in the perfect spot to get maximum enjoyment out of their beauty!

In addition, you can place your bouquet in the fridge or cool place that doesn’t freeze, this will also extend the life of your tulips.

Tulips love to keep it cool.

8. Change the Water

Give your tulips the hydration they need to stay looking fabulous!

Replenish their vase with fresh water every few days, and don’t forget a diagonal stem cut about an inch long for longer lasting bloom.

You can even drop in an ice cube to keep the water cool.

They’ll thank you for it!

9. Add Pennies

Add a penny to the water in the vase.

Want to rescue drooping tulips from their wilting demise?

Reach into your wallet and pull out a penny – yes, it’s that simple!

Prep the flowers by removing bottom leaves then cut off stems at an angle before adding them back in with the lucky piece of currency.

From what I read, it said to wait about an hour to see dynamic results.

Pink Tulips are drooping in a vase.

Well, I waited and hour and my tulips were still droopy.

But then I learned that you need to us a pre-1982 penny.

Older pennies have a higher percentage of copper.

My pennies were new, so I decided to add 15 pennies, more pennies, more copper.

Make tulips last longer in a vase with these tips.

So, I went to bed and in the morning I was pleased to see my perky tulips!

This crazy hack worked!

And the tulips make the perfect centerpiece for my Easter table, inspired my Kate Spade.

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Tulips will make a beautiful addition to your home this spring and with the right care and steps, you can make tulips last longer in a vase.

From selecting fresh tulips and trimming stems, to changing the water regularly and adding preservative – these tips will ensure that tulips stay vibrant for days.

Make the most of your tulip blooms this spring and enjoy the beauty in your home.

Please share your tips or questions with us.

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