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We’ve had a party tab in our menu for quite some time now and this is our first party post we’re sharing.  Forgive us for taking so long to share.  The party was only in mid April, a mere 9 weeks ago 🤦😳 

What do little girls want right now more than anything?  Unicorns and rainbows right? My little Miss wanted to have all things colorful and bright for her 7th birthday party. What do I do for inspiration? Head to Pinterest of course! 😀  There are a ton of different ideas out there, so today I’ll show you some simple and inexpensive ways to create a colorful unicorn party on a budget!

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For starters we headed to the local Dollar Tree to see what we could find.  The Happy Birthday banner, tabletop unicorn and hanging unicorn decorations all came from the Dollar Tree.

The unicorn photo backdrop we made out of plastic tablecloths from the Dollar Tree. We simply used painters tape to secure them to the wall. We gathered them as we applied the tape so it would hang pretty. The white pom pom party balls also came from the Dollar Tree. We hung them with fishing line so it would be clear and taped them from the top of the backdrop. We cut cloud shapes out of paper to tape over the green painters tape just to make it look a bit better. We made the unicorn in the center of the backdrop out of poster board. We simply rounded the corners and cut the shape for ears and taped them on the back side. We then used our Silhouette machine to cut out the paper flowers and of course the eyelashes. 

All of the party bag trinkets also came from the Dollar Tree.  We also found these fun balloons that have colored circle confetti inside them. How does anyone throw a party on a budget without the Dollar Tree?

If you’ve read a little bit about my Mom and I in our bio on our site you know we like to get our hands on anything we can create. Anything that is except cakes or anything baking related that has frosting! 😂  Our talents seem to be lacking in this area!  So to keep things simple I baked some cupcakes, whipped up a buttercream frosting and we finished them off with these cute unicorn toppers made from the same template we used on our Silhouette machine for the photo backdrop. We glued a square piece of card stock on both sides of a skewer and stuck them in the cupcakes. Cupcakes are much less intimidating than decorating an entire cake. This way they actually look presentable (for me anyway).

When the guests arrived at the party, we gave them a name tag with their own unique unicorn name on them. They thought this was pretty cool. I found the idea and the cute free printables here from the frugal sisters.  Free Unicorn Name Tags Printable

I also found these adorable unicorn face masks for the kids to decorate and wear while at the party from the simple mom project. The kids had a fun time decorating them, and even more fun wearing them for pics at the photo booth. Free unicorn face mask printable

Since the party fell on Easter weekend we had hard boiled eggs they colored as well. These girls liked to get their hands dirty and make crafts.

It was fun to see the eggs and masks as they finished.  Each one was so unique and different, but they were all darling.

As another photo prop we made a mini version of the unicorn for them to hold up.  We simply just cut out the center so you can see their cute faces. They thought this was so great! There were a lot of silly faces and tongues sticking out. 😊

As I mentioned before we’re not the best at decorating cakes! We had a simple cupcake at the friend party, but my Mom decided she would try her hand at a unicorn cake for our family party. I think it looks pretty darn good considering this type of thing doesn’t come naturally for us. She might be a bit embarrassed I stuck this picture in here, because she was having difficulty with the eyelashes.   But I think she did a great job! Hats off to you Mom. The kids thought it was cool, and that’s all that matters anyway right?”

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