Upcycle Vintage Doorplates into Christmas Ornaments

A few days ago I was thinking about making some ornaments for my Christmas tree using my grandma’s vintage costume jewelry.  As I thought about how I would put it all together, inspiration hit! I remembered I had some vintage doorplates.

I love 😍 incorporating vintage items into my decor. I picked up these vintage doorplates a while ago at one of my favorite shops, The Green Brick in Ogden, Utah. 

I’ve been waiting for the perfect project to use the doorplates on and this was it! For these ornaments I used the vintage doorplates, grandma’s costume jewelry and crystals from an old chandelier.

Upcycle Vintage Doorplate Christmas Ornament: Supply List

  • Vintage doorplates
  • Vintage Costume Jewelry
  • Chandelier crystals
  • Headpins
  • beads
  • E6000 glue
  • Ribbon or cord
  • Craft wire

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Attached the crystal from the chandelier by placing a beading headpin through the hole in the crystal piece.

Place the headpin through the bottom hole of the doorplate.

Then placed a bead on the headpin. The bead should be large enough that it will not go through the hole that is in the doorplate.

The bead will be on the backside of the doorplate. I then used pliers to twist the wire around the bead. This does not need to be fancy, it will not show. It is just meant to hold the bead in position and keep the crystal in place.

Here you can see the wire twisted around the bead on the backside of the doorplate.

Tie a ribbon or cord through top hole for a hanger for the ornament.

The final step is attaching the vintage jewelry. I used my grandma’s vintage brooches. I placed a bead of E6000 glue on the rim where the door handle would have been. I then placed the brooch on top and let it dry for several hours.

This is a super quick and easy project! I was able to make 5 doorplate ornaments in about 30 minutes. Gotta love that this time of year and best of all it was so fun creating these!

Each doorplate turned out a little different. For this particular one I attached the chandelier crystal with a piece from an old chain necklace. I attached the crystal to the chain with the existing wire that was on the crystal. I then wired the chain together on the backside of the doorplate.

This doorplate had 2 holes at the bottom, so I attached the crystals with  craft wire, securing it on the backside.

I love the way these ornaments turned out, a little rustic and a little glam. A fun combination and I also love how quickly they came together.

What do you think of my Vintage Doorplate Christmas Ornaments? Is this something you would like to try? Do you love incorporating vintage items into you decor?

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