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Well, it’s week 5 of the One Room Challenge and it’s all gone pretty smoothly.

Oh now, I don’t want to jinx myself.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that next week will all turn out ok.

Because we have one more BIG project up our sleeves.

I believe that every room needs great lighting.

Not only does it need to be functional, but also add style to the space.

Are you surprised that I’ve chosen a modern chandelier for this space?

As a matter of fact, I love to throw in something unexpected into my designs and I think this chandelier does just that.

So, let me tell you a little about this light. . . I was browsing my local thrift store and spotted this chandelier and it was only $10.

While it wasn’t in terrible condition, although it was dirty and missing crystals.

But I knew with a little update this light fixture would be perfect for my laundry room.

Scroll down and see how we gave this light fixture a little update.

Just as a reminder, you can easily navigate through each week of this Modern Cottage Laundry Room project.

Add More Light to Laundry Room

One of the most important elements in a laundry room is good lighting.

Obviously you need to be able to see stains and inspect clothing.

While natural light is always best for this, adding good lighting to your laundry room is an important part of the design.

Take a look at my laundry room before we began this makeover.

Laundry room before updating the lighting. White flooring, walls, cabinets and countertop with a large florescent light fixture.

While I do have a window in my laundry room and it adds a fair amount of natural light to the room.

However, the florescent light fixture on the ceiling was in dire need of an update!

The old light fixture made the room feel cold and sterile.

So my plan was to add a couple of can lights and some sort of light fixture that add style and beauty to the room. 

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How to Update Laundry Room Light Fixture

Clearly, there are lots of options for light fixtures for a laundry room.

Some are just functional, while others add that wow factor that I feel every room needs.

In fact, a quick google search will bring up tons of options.

Personally, I think taking a thrift store find and updating it is not only easy on the budget, but it’s also very fun and rewarding. 

And that’s just what I wanted to do for my laundry room.

As luck would have it, I scored this modern crystal chandelier at the thrift store and I only spent $10 for it.

All of the other supplies I used I already had on hand.

Let me also say, this really is a quick project. 

If you don’t include dry time for the paint, it will only take about 30 minutes to update this type of light fixture for a laundry room.

Updating a light fixture is a great way to add that wow factor to any room without spending a lot of money.

In particular, one of my favorite light fixture makeovers was the French Country Boho chandelier for Ellies Bedroom.

And I also love the way we were able to transform a pair of vintage brass lamps with spray paint and white wax.

Another thrift store light makeover I’m crazy about is this Pottery Barn dupe.

Updating Laundry Room Light Fixture in Action

What You’ll Need to Update a Laundry Room Light Fixture

Woman holding a thrift store modern crystal chandelier with a black shade in laundry room.

While my light fixture was not in terrible condition, an update was in order for my new laundry room.

These are the supplies you’ll need for this light fixture update:

  • Light fixture
  • Primer
  • Spray paint, I chose Rust-Oleum Metallic in Champagne Bronze
  • Crystals

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Disassemble Light Fixture

Woman's hands holding a thrift store chandelier. Holding pliers to disassemble the chandelier.

First, you’ll want to disassemble your light fixture to prepare it for paint.

While the finish on my light fixture was in great condition, I decided to paint it gold to match the new hardware for my cabinets.

So, I began by removing the chain and lampshade.

Woman's hand removing crystals from a thrift store chandelier.

Next, remove all the the crystals.

Since the crystals were not in great shape, and were just acrylic, they had to go.

In fact, I wanted to replace them with beautiful vintage crystals.

Over the years I’ve collected quite a few old light fixtures with vintage crystals and they are perfect for my updated chandelier for my laundry room.

Prepare Light Fixture for Paint

Woman's hands cleaning thrift store chandlier preparing the light fixuture for an update for the laundry room.

Next clean the light fixture so the paint will adhere properly.

Woman's hands apply masking tape to a chandelier for an update for a Laundry room light fixture.

And then you’ll want to cover the light socket with masking tape.

You do not want paint to get in there

Woman's hand applying primer to thrift store light fixture for the laundry room update.

Finally you’ll want to spray the light fixture with primer.

In my opinion, this will ensure that your paint finish will last.

Update Laundry Room Light Fixture with Paint

Woman's hand holding can of gold spray paint in front of a chandelier. Updating a laundry room light fixture.

Now it’s time to apply the paint.

For my update on my light fixture I chose Rust-oleum Metallic Champagne Bronze.

Personally, I think this finish and color looks like the real deal. 

In fact, I’ve used it before on other light fixtures and have loved the results.

Woman's hand applying gold spray paint to thrift store chandelier for an update for a laundry room light fixture.

In my experience, it’s easier to hang up the light fixture in the garage to apply the paint.

Then you can cover the entire surface at one time.

To ensure a professional finish, apply two light coats.

Also keep the can about 8-10″ from the fixture, this will ensure you don’t get runs or drips.

Update Laundry Room Light Fixture with Crystals

Woman's hands adding vintage crystals to the updated laundry room light fixture.

Once the paint is dried and cured the vintage crystals can be added.

I’ve always got my eye on the lookout for old beautiful light fixtures.

In fact, I have a bin of old lighting parts for just a project like this.

Before I attached the vintage crystals I cleaned them with window cleaner and buffed them with a soft cloth.

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Updated Laundry Room Light Fixture with gold spray paint and vintage crystals. Floral blue and soft pink wallpapering the background with white bead board and black hooks
Updated Laundry Room Light Fixture with gold spray paint and vintage crystals. Floral blue and soft pink wallpapering the background.

Then it’s time to hang the updated light fixture for the laundry room.

Certainly it’s a statement piece for the room.

An unexpected bit of glam in a unglamorous room.

Definitely this is the icing on the cake for my laundry room.

Are you ready to update a light fixture for your laundry room?

This is such a quick DIY project, that can be finished in an afternoon.

In my opinion, that little extra sparkle really lights up the room.

Certainly, when we added a little bling to the lampshade of my vintage lamp it made it a show stopper.

More Ideas to Update Your Laundry Room Light Fixture

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That completes week 5 of the One Room Challenge.

I’m so excited with the way my laundry room is coming together.

This updated light fixture for my laundry room definitely puts a smile on my face.

It adds that bit of elegance and glam that I am loving!

Don’t forget, you will find more amazing ideas from other bloggers participating in the One Room Challenge.

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Updated Laundry Room Light fixture using bronze spray paint and vintage crystals with a black lampshade. In the background is a floral blue, white and soft pink wallpaper.

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