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Wagner Paint Sprayer

Often times we may talk ourselves out of a painting project imagining how much work it may take. But painting projects don’t have to be stressful.

This was the case with this project!

After painting the doors in Ellie’s bedroom makeover Navy, I knew I wanted to paint the rest of the interior doors in our home navy as well.

Even though I’m a huge DIYer, and we paint things on a regular basis anyway, somehow the thought of painting the remaining 14 interior doors seemed a bit daunting.

That is of course until we received the Wagner Flexio 5000!

Learn how to quickly achieve professional results on any painting project, using a Wagner paint sprayer.

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Take a look at our video tutorial for a full review of this Wagner paint sprayer. (Plus it’s always more fun to see a project take place in action right?)

Prep Work

Wagner Paint Sprayer

Prep work is key to any painting project!

We began by cleaning each of the doors with a wet washcloth to remove any surface grime.

Then all doors were taken down to our basement where we planned to paint them.

All of the hinges, door knobs and other hardware were removed.

Wagner Paint Sprayer

Using frog tape, mask off the hinge areas. This will prevent any paint build up in this area, which will allow the hinges to fit properly once the doors have been painted.

Painters Tip

Wagner Paint Sprayer
Wagner Paint Sprayer
Wagner Paint Sprayer

To speed up the painting process we opted to hang the doors a couple inches off the ground. This allowed us to paint both sides of the door at the same time!

To hang the doors, attach eye hooks to the top edges of each of the doors.

Then we looped a piece of rope through each eye hook and secured it around a screw that had been secured into the joists.

We also labeled the top edge of each door as we took them down so we would easily know where to hang them once painted.

Wagner Paint Sprayer

Leave enough space between each door to allow enough room for the Wagner paint sprayer to maneuver. About 10″ or so. This will ensure that both sides of the doors get adequate paint coverage.

PRO TIP: Use liquid sandpaper prior to applying paint. This will allow the paint to bond better, without the mess sanding. It’s also much quicker! (See how easy it is to work with in our video tutorial.)

Wagner Paint Sprayer | Flexio 5000

Wagner Paint Sprayer Flexio 5000

Again, I was a little bit hesitant about how much time this project might take. Not only is rolling or brushing each door time consuming, but it’s hard to achieve a nice smooth finish.

I didn’t want to go to all the work if I wasn’t going to be happy with the results.

We’d like to thank Wagner for gifting us with a Flexio 5000!

Receiving this Wagner paint sprayer alleviated all my stress about completing this project in a timely manner.

We’re excited to share our experience using this Wagner paint sprayer with you. I think it’s fair to say that the only regret we have is not investing in this sprayer sooner (especially given how frequently we paint things around here!).

*We wish to give our honest opinions as we review this Wagner paint sprayer. All opinions expressed are our own.

Key Features of this Wagner Paint Sprayer

Wagner Paint Sprayer

Wagner paint sprayers come in a wide array of styles.

The key features that set the Flexio 5000 apart for us are:

-iSpray® Nozzle – For walls and ceilings

-Detail Finish Nozzle – For small projects and a smooth finish

-Precise adjustments for various coatings and projects

-Integrated case for storage of nozzles/cups and air hose

-Cleans up in 5 minutes – just five parts to rinse off

This sprayer is also best used for painting furniture, cabinets & trim, interior rooms as well as exterior surfaces. (All of which we seem to be doing on a regular basis!)

Not to mention that this sprayer isn’t limited to paint alone! It’s optimal for a variety of mediums such as: exterior latex, interior latex, wood sealers, chalk/milk paints, lacquers / urethanes, and solid stain!

Time To Paint!

Wagner Paint Sprayer

From day 1 of our blogging journey (and years beforehand), we’ve highly favored using Behr paint!

We’ve used other brands in the past and always kept coming back to Behr. We love how thick and creamy it is, which helps coat surfaces well. It’s a great paint at a great price point compared to other name brands.

For all navy painted projects in our home we’ve used Behr paint and have had it color matched to Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore.

(For all you other Behr gurus out there, I’m sure there is a specific color name out there by Behr that is the exact match to Hale Navy…I just need to find it!

Sure would be a lot easier to go into The Home Depot and say “I need a gallon of (said paint color) by Behr” rather than “Color match this to a specific brand name and color.” Just sayin.)

Anyhoo…I got off on a tangent because the quality of paint is so important, and I truly am a Behr lover!

After giving the paint a good stir, we slowly poured the paint through a strainer into the paint cup. The strainer will catch any imperfections or lumps especially helpful if you’re using a can that’s previously been used.

How To Use The Wagner Paint Sprayer

Wagner Paint Sprayer

For a more detailed description of all the parts and knob settings, please see our video tutorial.

Wagner offers video tutorials on their site per specific models as well.

After filling the paint cup and adjusting the handheld sprayer to the suggested settings per our paint medium, we used the included spray poster to do a test spray to make sure we had the settings where we wanted them.

Wagner Paint Sprayer

Begin by turning the spray nozzle to a narrow width to paint the sides of the door.

Then switch the nozzle to the wide width to spray the large surface area of the door.

The spray nozzle will be in vertical position to paint up and down, and a horizontal position to paint from side to side.

Be sure to hold the Wagner paint sprayer about 6-8 inches from your surface and move in a steady motion.

Slightly overlap the paint with each row sprayed to attain the best coverage.

During The Painting Process

Wagner Paint Sprayer

One down, and thirteen more to go!

Isn’t it such a dramatic difference? I can’t believe how well the door is covered in just one coat of paint!

We opted to apply two coats to each door, since doors get a lot of use and wear and tear.

In fact, we even used the Behr Alkyd Satin Enamel paint, specifically designed for cabinetry and other frequently used surfaces, for optimal protection.

Wagner Paint Sprayer

Spraying all of these doors really was such a time saver!

It took roughly 4 minutes per coat of paint on each door, front and back! I’m still in awe!

(If only we had our cameras rolling the entire time we painted! While painting the first door, I couldn’t help but let out a giggle with each row I painted! It was so satisfying getting an even and smooth surface all while saving so much time!

Interior Doors Before & After

Wagner Paint Sprayer
Wagner Paint Sprayer

A little look at the before and after shots around our home.

It’s so incredible what a coat of paint can do. I love how the deep rich color of the navy immediately gives our home a high end custom look!

The darker color even accentuates the detailing in the surrounding trim work.

Wagner Paint Sprayer
Wagner Paint Sprayer
Wagner Paint Sprayer
Wagner Paint Sprayer
Wagner Paint Sprayer
Wagner Paint Sprayer

In all, we spent a single day on the actual painting, including dry time!

14 doors, 2 coats of paint front and back in a day…can’t beat that!

(We actually spent more time removing all the hardware prior to painting, and then reinstalling the doors.)

Hands down we definitely recommend this paint sprayer! Painting and cleanup were a breeze! And the results are amazing!

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