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Are you a weekend warrior? Are you looking for home projects you can complete in just 1 weekend?

With 20 ideas in this gallery, there’s a home project for every skill level. There’s no need to be a master craftsman here, from ideas on how to give a room a refresh, creating DIY light fixtures, how to refinish and reupholster furniture, easy and some free home decor ideas to organization ideas, you’ll be busy for weeks (or weekends) to come!

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Home Projects: Room Refresh Ideas

This tile floor makeover has to be one of our all time favorite DIYS! (See the dated 90’s flooring below) The two of us were able to install this new flooring in just a couple of hours! Not only was it budget-friendly and easy to install but it made a dramatic change to this space!

See the full post here.

Wagner Paint Sprayer

Have you ever had a home project on your list but keep pushing it off because it seems like too much work?

That’s exactly how this home project was for me! I’d really wanted to paint all of our interior doors navy for quite some time, but the thought of how much time it would take kept me from just doing it!

The funny thing is, sometimes it just takes starting it to realize it wasn’t that big of a deal anyway! Click here to see our full post and video tutorial how we were able to paint 14 doors (front and back with 2 coats each) in a day!

Sometimes we just need to buckle down and get doing…I’m so glad I finally tackled this home project, I love the transformation in each room simply by having a dark door.

Adding architectural detail to any room gives that visual interest each room needs. Creating any kind of accent wall is an easy way to accomplish this.

Installing a board and batten wall is inexpensive, not to mention that my husband and I installed it in an afternoon! The focal point in our room went from drab to fab.

You can see the entire post with video tutorial here.

DIY Light Fixtures

DIY light fixture

Often times light fixtures in a room design are overlooked. The ceiling is the 5th wall of a room, and they deserve to be updated as well. Adding a coordinating light fixture to any room makes the whole space feel cohesive and complete.

There’s no need to buy expensive light fixtures. Here are two easy and inexpensive DIY light fixtures you can tackle in a weekend.

DIY Industrial Light Fixture

French Country Chandelier with Boho Flair

How To Design a Room

Take a look at the before of this French Country Chandelier below! You can’t ever pass up a $5 thrift store find, even if you’re not sure where you’re going to use it when you buy it. At that price you’ll make a place for it!

french country chandelier

Refinishing Furniture

paint furniture
paint furniture

For us, there’s no home project quite like refinishing furniture! We love to get our hands on worn out and tired pieces and bring them back to life!

This farmhouse coffee table was no different. We refinished this for a client, who picked it up for only $20! At first glance it may not have seemed worth the effort to refinish, but just look at that finished result!

Chalk paint worked wonders here, and we had one happy client (and Pinterest followers! This PIN consistently makes it in the top 10 pins each month!).

You can see the full tutorial here.

Tool Chest Dresser
Tool Chest Dresser

Refinishing and repurposing this lateral filing cabinet into a tool chest dresser is one of my top favorite home projects!

I snagged this from a thrift store for $15 and it looks just like a tool chest! It’s the perfect accent piece in this car themed bedroom!

(And because it’s a bright shiny red, Mr. A loves having it in his bedroom!)

See how easy it is to convert a piece of furniture into a tool chest dresser here.

Reupholstering Furniture

Reupholstered Ottoman

The thought of reupholstering a piece of furniture may seem like a huge undertaking, especially if you’ve never tackled this kind of home project before.

This dated ottoman was reupholstered in a day for my parents’ mini master bathroom makeover. It’s the perfect little touch in this space.

See how you can reupholster a piece of furniture without any sewing with our detailed tutorial and video here.

How to Reupholster a Chair
How to Reupholster a Chair

Perhaps I should be embarrassed to admit that I have a furniture problem. You know, some people have a shoe problem and have more than they could ever wear!

Well, I have this thing for thrifted furniture and have to snag it before anyone else gets their hands on it! Lets just say that furniture is constantly moving around and changing around my house!

This vintage chair was refinished for Ellie’s tween bedroom makeover, and she absolutely loves the little bit of Boho flair we added with the blush faux fur fabric! It’s the perfect element in this tween bedroom!

See how to reupholster a chair (again without any sewing) in our complete tutorial here.

furniture Makeover

You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that this headboard is also a thrifted and restored piece of furniture!

Creating new lines to the shape of the headboard and adding upholstery really gives this piece a modern updated look!

Just take a look at that before image! Dramatic difference.

See how you can easily create your own headboard here.

Home Projects: Organization Ideas

The best Freezer organization in white plastic storage bins and labels for easy finding.

You may not think of organizing as a home project. But by creating order throughout your home, it alleviates clutter and allows the doer to get more done. (Yes I shop at The Home Depot way too frequently! Their slogan just slipped in there without me even realizing it.)

Not only do we share our tips on how to organize your freezer and how to save money, but we’ve also included a FREE printable you can download to label your freezer too!

You’ll be surprised how much more food your freezer can hold once it’s organized!

Learn more about organizing your freezer here.

storage room shelves

The need for organization and storage doesn’t just end with the freezer. Adding some simple shelving in a storage room creates so much more usable space.

Not to mention it makes it a whole lot easier to get into the specific bin you’re after instead of having them all stacked on top of one another like I used to.

See how we built these almost for free here.

The kitchen is the main hub of a home. Given how busy kitchens tend to be, the lack of order and organization in this area of the home is a recipe for chaos.

If the thought of organizing makes you cringe, don’t worry. We’re anxious to share several of our favorite kitchen organizing tips with you. All you have to do is implement them into your own kitchen. Don’t live in stress in a chaotic kitchen another weekend! Tackle this area of your home this weekend!

White storage shelves with polka dot bins for toy storage with books and other toys arranged on shelves.

Tackling toy clutter is no joke! I feel like my kids toys triple overnight! Learning how to organize toys in these 3 simple steps you’ll be conquering toy clutter for good!

You can also download these adorable tags to help label your toy bins. See more here.

Budget-Friendly & Free Home Projects

paint a rug

How would you like to tackle a FREE home project?

Rugs get a lot of wear and tear, but think twice before throwing yours out for a new one!

See how we gave this rug a refresh for FREE, and now it looks better than new!

Ideas for Home Decor

If you’re looking for a simple home project, swapping out pillow covers is such a quick and easy way to update any room! We both have a good supply of covers to swap out with each season.

Take a look at how we made these pillow covers for FREE! It’s likely you already have the supplies on hand too. What pillow covers will you tackle this weekend?

DIY Blanket Ladder

If you’d like to try your hand at a simple woodworking project, you can create this DIY blanket ladder in a day.

Not only will you learn how to build this piece of home decor, but you’ll learn how to create this aged and distressed wood look too.

DIY light fixture

Looking to add a little variety or update to a room? Learn how you can embellish lampshades to create a high end designer look at a fraction of the cost!

This home project will take less than 30 minutes!

Window treatments are also overlooked often in a room design. Yet incorporating curtains into any room can really dress it up or complete the look.

Don’t stress over the thought of sewing custom curtains. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to transform ready made curtains into custom drapery at a fraction of the cost!

How to Paint a Front Door

Learn how to paint your front door for a simple home project that will instantly add to your curb appeal!

Adding a bold color (that coordinates with the colors of your home of course), to your front door can make a dramatic difference to the overall feel and look of your home, even making it look more expensive!

Give this quick home project a try this weekend for instant curb appeal!

We hope you’ve been inspired to tackle some of your home projects this weekend! If you’d like to try all of our ideas, you could have home projects lined out for 20 straight weeks!

Let us know which ones you’re eager to get done. We love hearing from you.

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  2. Ian

    These are great ideas…I’ve got a lot of upgrades I’ve been putting off, but I’m going to use this as a jumping off point to get a few things off my list by Christmas.

    BTW — you have a few mixed up links in the blurbs for #15 and #16

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