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Are you looking for window treatment ideas on a budget?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

With window treatments, you can elevate the look of your home without breaking the bank.

In our opinion, a room feels unfinished without some sort of window coverings.

Sure, you’ll likely have some sort of blinds or shutters for privacy, but what about incorporating a bit of style to your windows?

Windows without some sort of fabric covering such as a roman shade or full length curtains or drapery just feel naked.

In addition, adding fabric really helps to visually frame out the window.

Not only does it elevate the look and feel of the room, but it also softens all of the hard edges.

In addition, let me share a tip with you, hanging curtains above the window molding, even up to the ceiling, can actually make your room feel larger.

On the other hand, if your curtains are hung too low or aren’t long enough, it can make your room feel smaller than it is.

In this post, we’ll be sharing 12 inspiring window treatments on a budget that you can start implementing into your home design today!

Simple Stitching

window valence sewn on bottom of curtains

With so many ready made curtain panels available these days, you’re bound to find some that you’re drawn to that will enhance the overall feel in your space.

A simple way to customize ready made curtain panels is to add a little bit of coordinating fabric.

For Ellie’s nursery space, her bedding set included a window valence. I simply stitched the valence pieces onto the bottom edges of ready made curtain panels I’d already purchased.

If you’re not a seamstress, don’t fret!

We have a complete tutorial on how to hem curtains with NO sewing.

This method will also work to add fabric to a curtain panel like these.)

Not only did this tie the elements in the room together, but it also allowed me to lengthen the curtain panels.

In fact, I was able to hang them to the ceiling and still reach the floor.

Upholstery web is stitched to ready made curtain panels.

Here’s a look at another window treatment idea where I stitched rows of upholstery webbing onto ready made curtains.

Positioning the webbing above the window really helps draw the eye upward and gives the illusion of taller ceilings.

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Painted Window Treatment Ideas

WINDOW TREATMENT IDEAS, paint red stripes on ready made white curtain panels

Looking for window treatment ideas that won’t break the bank?

I’ll admit it, I kind of have a thing for paint!

Certainly paint is an effective way to update and give any room a refresh.

This is true for wall color, refinishing furniture, updating artwork or picture frames.

So, why not paint ready made curtains and make them a statement in the room!

Should I be embarrassed to admit that we’ve painted 14 curtain panels?

Pro tip: You will want to mix an appropriate ratio of fabric medium into your paint to get the best bond possible and get the paint down into the fabric fibers.

We used regular latex paint that we picked up at Home Depot. You can read more about using fabric medium in any of these posts.*

Painting stripes on curtains is probably the easiest method.

Simply measure how far you want each stripe to be, mark and tape off each stripe and paint.

Stencil a quatrefoil pattern on ready made white curtains.

Certainly stenciling curtains is a more time consuming option, but it definitely gives you a big bang for your buck!

My Mom and I painted 8 of these several years ago!

Crazy I know, but when you’re in your first home and on an extremely tight budget, you do whatever it takes to add some style to your home!

To get our tips and tricks on how to stencil curtains (or other fabric projects), including a video tutorial, see the original post here.

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WINDOW TREATMENT IDEAS, stenciled Ikea curtain hack

By the time this teen room came along, we’d already tackled painting 12 curtain panels.

Surely we’d be pros by now right?

Well…even after all that practice we learned some valuable Do’s and Don’ts while painting these polka dots!

Overall, I’m really happy with the way they finally turned out and the lessons learned along the way.

To see how we turned this IKEA hack from Fail to Fab, see our full tutorial here.

WINDOW TREATMENT IDEAS, black and white striped awning over window, flanked by teal and iron shutters.

Consider this creative window coverings idea – using paint and some affordable fabric!

We’ve all seen full-length window curtains, but this window treatment idea is just enough to add texture, interest and a touch of warmth to the room.

Start by painting stripes on a drop cloth and rounding the edges with pinking sheers. Then attach it to a wood frame you make yourself and mount it over the window shutters – voila!

It’s a simple way to dress up windows on the cheap that will still provide style and substance.

And it’s the perfect touch for this french cafe themed girls bedroom.

Another way to change the look of draper or curtain panels is with Rit Dye.

You’ll find all the details about dyeing curtain panels in a washing machine here.

Embellish Ready Made Curtain Panels

Make custom drapery, embellish ready made Ikea panels with ribbon and jewelery finds.

Adding window treatments to a room does not need to be expensive.

In fact, one of the simplest and most affordable window treatment ideas is to buy ready made panel curtains and add embellishments for a dose of charm and pizzazz.

With a few creative strokes like gems from an old bracelet and some grosgrain ribbon, you can take window coverings from plain to chic in no time.

Window treatment ideas, Embellish ready made curtain panels.

This type of window treatment idea is perfect for staying on budget with minimal effort, plus you get a fresh new look that reflects your unique style.

Window Treatment Ideas To Soften A Space

Soften the hard finishes of a bathroom by layering bamboo shades with ready made curtain panels.

Curtain panels or other window treatment ideas other than a blind or shutter are usually forgotten when it comes to the bathroom.

In this space a bamboo roman shade covers the window adding a touch of texture.

If space allows, you may consider adding an element of fabric. Even though these curtains are white on a white wall, they add just a little bit of texture to an otherwise “cold” space.

Curtains in the bathroom adds much needed softness to the space, breaking up all the hard surfaces from the cabinetry, counters and floors.

To see this inexpensive bathroom makeover, click here!

DIY Roman Shade to coordinate with your room design.

The kitchen is also another space in the home featuring multiple hard surfaces.

A full length curtain panel here may not be practical depending on the design and layout of your space.

But adding a simple roman shade to the windows, or french doors adds a little pop of color and again helps to break up all the hard surfaces while softening the feel in the space.

Ideas For Bay Windows

Window treatment ideas for Bay Window, striped blue and white ready made curtain panels in a bay window.

There is nothing unique about these curtain panels, other than the fact that they are hanging in a bay window.

Don’t let the layout or architecture of your space limit you.

Incorporating these curtains added so much to this room! Before the walls were bland and the windows felt naked!

To learn how easy it is to hang curtains in a bay window by making your own custom bay window curtain rod.

Window treatment ideas, use plumbing pipe to transform a standard curtain rod into a rod for a bay window .

Any style of curtain will dress up the windows in a bay.

The previous curtains were ready made panels with grommets, giving a more modern feel.

These curtains have pleats and are hanging with curtain rings.

Both versions work and look great!

Make your own custom drapery for a bay window.

DIY a Roman Shade

DIY Roman Shade to coordinate with your room design.

Roman shades are a window treatment that is a favorite of many designers, and they look beautiful in any room.

They come in different styles and fabrics to coordinate with the decor of your room.

Navy and pink floral DIY roman shade .

For those who want to save money, DIYing your own Roman shade is an option.

With a few simple materials like fabric and ribbon, you can create your own window treatment that will look just as good as any store bought one.

Plus, you get to customize it with trim, tassels or other embellishments for an extra touch of flair.

So if you’re looking for window treatments on a budget, DIYing a Roman shade is a great option.

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We hope we’ve helped give you some window treatment ideas on a budget!

Ultimately, adding window treatments is an easy and inexpensive way to elevate the look of your home.

Not only do they add style but they also help to frame out the window and soften all of the hard edges in a room.

Do you have any other tips for adding color or pattern to otherwise bland windows with curtains, drapes, or shades can really brighten up a space!

Please share them with us! We love new ideas!

Are you ready to add some stylish window treatments to your home?

So, get creative and start adding some window treatments to your home design today!

Window treatment ideas, pinterest image, 3 photos

We hope you found a little inspiration here today.

So what’s you favorite window treatment idea?

We’d love to hear from you!

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