20 Home Projects You Can Complete in a Weekend

Are you a weekend warrior? Are you looking for home projects you can complete in just 1 weekend?With 20 ideas in this gallery, there's a home project for every skill level. There's no need to be a master craftsman here, from ideas on how to give a room a refresh, creating DIY light fixtures, how to refinish and reupholster furniture, easy and some free home decor ideas to organization ideas, you'll be busy for weeks (or weekends) to come!https://youtu.be/H7gjVI0300I Home Projects: Room Refresh Ideas Tile Floor Makeover Without Stenciling Or Paint This tile floor makeover has to be one of our…


How To Design A Bedroom | Tween Girl Ideas

Are you looking to design a bedroom but feel a bit overwhelmed? Perhaps you've wondered "Where do I start designing a bedroom?", "How can I design my own bedroom for free?", "How do I arrange a small bedroom?' Or more specifically for this post, "How to design a tween girl bedroom?", "How do you organize a tween girls bedroom?", "What should a teenage girl's bedroom include?", "What is the best color for a teenage girl's bedroom?". If you've found yourself asking any of these questions and felt intimidated, lost or overwhelmed, we'd like to share our tried and true steps to…


How To Make Bust Skull Decor for Halloween

HOW TO MAKE BUST SKULL DECOR FOR HALLOWEEEN Have you wondered how to make Halloween decorations around the house? More specifically how to decorate a skull for Halloween? The entire theme for decorating our home for Halloween this year revolves around skeletons. We've created some pretty fun pieces of skeleton decor this year. From our DIY skeleton silhouettes for our family portraits, to easy DIY dollar tree skull napkin rings for your Halloween party. We've even invited you to join us while we decorated our homes for Halloween so you have behind the scenes access to our decorating process. Mine of…


How To Make Halloween Decor | Skeleton Silhouettes

As promised we're back for more DIY Halloween Skeleton Decor!I'll be honest, I've never decorated for Halloween around a theme before. Normally I'd just get out all of my decor from my stash that's been growing over the years, and I'd have a general Halloween theme.Decorating for Halloween with a theme in mind this year has made it so much more fun! I don't remember the last time I got this giddy about decorating for Halloween.(Remember I don't actually like the physical day of Halloween or trick-or-treating...I enjoy the season as a whole and look forward to the traditional family parties…


DIY Halloween Skull Napkin Rings

You know we like to go ALL OUT for Halloween around here. Today's Halloween DIY idea is no different. Join us as we share how you can create these Dollar Tree DIY Napkin Rings for just $2! https://youtu.be/ZXRffcqQnqQ Dollar Tree Skull Inspiration We found these mini skull buckets from the Dollar Tree. Each pack has 4 buckets. We purchased 2 packs for a total of 8. Skull Bucket to Napkin Ring The top of the bucket has a decent sized hole while the bottom is closed. Using a 3/4" wood bit, drill holes in the bottom of each bucket. Next, remove…


Halloween Decorating Ideas With Skeletons

HALLOWEEN DECORATING IDEAS WITH SKELETONSIf you've seen our Ideas for Decorating for Halloween that are Cheap and Easy, you know that we really get into Halloween around here!Now I have to admit, I like celebrating the idea of Halloween, the parties and games, more than the actual day of Halloween itself. I could absolutely do without trick-or-treating, haunted houses and the like.For me, celebrating Halloween is more about the family traditions I grew up with, mainly revolving around our extended family party, the themed food dishes, games and of course the Halloween themed home decor!This is something my own kids have…


Toilet Paper Roll Craft | 5 Minute Pumpkin

Toilet Paper Roll Craft | 5 Minute Fall PumpkinWe've all seen them, countless ways to reuse and make crafts with empty toilet paper rolls.But have you ever seen a craft made from a full roll of toilet paper?In March of 2020 it was nearly impossible to find toilet paper in any local or online stores.Now that supplies have been replenished, we'll not only show you how to create this darling fall pumpkin from a full toilet paper roll, but we'll show you how to conceal your toilet paper and secretly build up your stash. 😆https://youtu.be/tJ5Phjcm0DA How To Create Toilet Paper Roll…


Fall Printables | Free Watercolor Art

Fall Printables | Free Watercolor ArtClearly we're excited to welcome Fall in, with the changing of seasons. We've already posted a handful of Fall Home Decor posts, and easy DIY Fall Decor items.But what better way to incorporate a little Fall into your home than by bringing in some colorful art?Even better? This beautiful watercolor art can be downloaded and printed to your hearts content for FREE!Yep! For FREE!Today we're excited to be collaborating with some of the most creative Home Bloggers around, in a Fall Printables Blog Hop.Be sure to scroll through the entire post so you can see all…


Fall Decorating Ideas on a Dime

Fall Decorating Ideas on a DimeEarlier this week my Mom showcased simple and affordable ideas for fall decorating around her home.Ideas included were how she likes to incorporate cozy fabrics, warm colors, candles and natural elements. Not to mention a key component ... when is it okay to start decorating for fall?Switching out home decor with each season change not only adds variety year round, but also helps you be more present during each season.Today I'd like to welcome you into my home for fall decorating ideas you can create on a dime. Many elements were found around my home. However,…


Pumpkin Decor | Using An Old Pair of Jeans

Pumpkin Decor | Made from an old pair of denim jeansStyling our homes for the change of seasons is something we love to do! It's always fun to break out all of the seasonal decor. Better yet, it's more rewarding to create unique additions to our stash!We also love to re-purpose and upcyle items we have lying around the house.We're excited to show you how EASY it is to transform a plastic bucket into a new, darling pumpkin decor, using an old pair of jeans!https://youtu.be/uZ2wZDl6Fqk WELCOME HOMETALKERS! Thanks for stopping by!For more creative and inexpensive DIY's click on any link below.…

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