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Welcome Ghosts and Ghouls to our Be-Witching Halloween Home Tour. 👻  It might be a wicked lie if I didn’t tell you I’ve kinda been excited for this post ALL year long!  Not because I especially enjoy the actual holiday of Halloween (I’ll awkwardly admit I don’t like passing out candy, and I could do without trick-or-treating), but I have developed a love for our family traditions revolving around Halloween.  As long as I can remember we’ve had a family Halloween party with all of the extended family every single year!  It’s a party all look forward to, especially the kids.  If you don’t come in a costume, you’ll be the only one not dressed up, even for adults.  We have traditional food (at least to our family), dinner in a pumpkin, mummy dogs, and of course witches brew made in our special cauldron, with spooky ingredients.  (I’m thinking we need to write up a post about our infamous party to share all of our SPOOK-tacular recipes, games and decor ideas with all of you!)  

For today, I’d like to share our love for decorating with all of our BOO-tiful decorations, many of which are DIY, and have also been collected over the years.  Grab a cup of apple cider, wrap up in a cozy blanket and join us as we share all of our fun decor ideas with you, afterall if you’ve got it HAUNT it!

My parents’ home is often a welcoming place for weary travelers such as Esmerelda the Witch to rest and renew her energy before the next leg of her journey begins.  In her hustle to get settled in for a CAT nap she left her belongings on the front porch.  She’s quite fashionable with her lace spiderweb shawl, pointed black boots, broom and of course her luggage, complete with travel stickers and tags from her most fond destinations, including her frequent flyer ticket.

My Mom took the liberty to bring in a few of Esmerelda’s belongings to protect them from the elements.  They’ll be beautifully displayed and ready for her when she wakes up.  Her hat is perched on a candlestick, her spiderweb gloves and glitzy spider bracelet have delicately been laid across her books which is also holding her favorite bottle of perfume.

Using old books is a great way to help set the stage for other items of decor.  These books are falling apart and look like they’ve been through it all!  I love how the style of the books really helps bring the vintage halloween feel together here. 

Alas my Mom and I both had to buy one of these tiered pumpkin displays at the last vintage market we attended!  They are made from vintage fabric and lace which makes each of them unique.  Her tiered pumpkins are made with more muted tones.  Mine are made from more traditional halloween colors.  You can see mine here in our Fresh Fall Home Tour.

Entering the living room the witch theme continues.  The scheme in this space is black and white with a hint of color, although you may be surprised to see that the scarf around the witches neck and the throw on the couch are not the expected traditional halloween orange.  Rather it has a lovely mustard yellow fall tone.  It still works as a halloween color, giving the hint of the vintage feel in the space.  The black and white is a nice backdrop for the fall colors to really pop!  We see it here in the newly refinished railing and in some of the halloween decor itself.

Speaking of black and white decor, aren’t you just in love with all the buffalo plaid that’s trending right now?  These darling pumpkins came from the Dollar Spot at Target for just $3 a piece!  You can’t beat that!

We also found these adorable square bar towels in the Dollar Spot at Target!  2 towels to a package for $3!  We each bought a couple packs and made them into darling throw pillows!  Less than 30 minutes and you have 2 cute accent pillows.  You can see the tutorial here.  We show how you can sew them together as you would traditionally make a pillow, and we also show a NO sew option!  Both take about the same amount of time to make.  You can’t beat the price or the time it takes to make them!  (My Mom eventually went back to Target and bought another pack to use as towels too.)

If your home is a welcoming abode to frequent witch guests it only seems appropriate to have spell books, potion bottles and a recipe for the best witches brew right?  This little nook of the kitchen holds all of the witch essentials for a delightful brew!

My Mom and I made these spell books years ago.  We found used books at our local thrift store then wrapped scrapbook paper around the cover of each of the books.  Add a few titles such as “potions for witches”, “Theory of Magic”, and “standard spells” using stickers or rub-ons and you have yourself a quick, easy and inexpensive set of spooky witch books!

These potion bottles were a new creation this year.  We had both collected glass jars from empty bottles of olive oil, vinegar, jam whatever we had used up that had a fun shape to it.  We then painted them with black chalk paint so that it would bond to the glass.   Add any tags and embellishments you wish and you have some spooky potion bottles!  We have a variety of options for a delectable brew: Creepy crawlies, pureed flesh, dried dragons blood, eye of newt, crushed skeleton bones, spiders venom, bat wings…you get the idea, anything creepy or downright disgusting will do the trick.  The two Rx bottles on the right in this picture are real vintage bottles my Mom found at a consignment store in St. George called Urban Renewal.  You can also search for them on ebay but they’re a bit more spendy.  The item name on the tags of the bottles my Mom purchased said “Vintage Mallinckrodt Amber Pharmaceutical Bottle” if you’re interested in searching for your own. 

This is the official Witches Brew recipe we make for our family Halloween Party!  We will divulge the complete recipe to all of you in our upcoming post on all of our party traditions and favorites.  Hang tight! 🦇

Tiered tray displays have continued to be a favorite for our viewers.  They allow for a grouping of smaller items to be displayed together.  Here we have some of my favorite decor items my Mom has accumulated over the years, the skull salt and pepper holder, bone hands napkin holder and these small vintage bottles.

Ready for even more Halloween decor ideas?  Sprucing up your front porch (or in my case the lack thereof) is a great place to start.  Adding decorations outside your home will make your home stand out and feel welcoming and cheerful, even if you are using skeletons and spiders as your decor.

One of my all time favorite pieces of Halloween decor is this iron spider!  My Mom and I each bought one of these several years ago at a fun fall market.  If you can believe it mine is the baby spider, my Mom’s is about 2x the size!  

Sometimes I have an internal monologue with myself as I wonder why I even use spiders to decorate with…little known fact about me I CANNOT stand 🕷 spiders!  They just creep me out (even fake spiders)!  You know how it works right?  You see a spider in your house, you take your eyes off it for one minute to get something to squish it with only to come back to find it’s not there anymore! 😩  

This may be a story for another day but when I was a teenager, I once stared at a huge wolf spider (probably 3″ with its legs) for an entire night so it wouldn’t get away from me if I left for help! 😂  What else could I do since I had a cast on my leg and had to use crutches to get around?!  I knew if I left it would be gone forever then I’d never be able to sleep in my room again! (Give me some credit, these bad boys have 6 sets of eyes! 6!  And they’re nocturnal creatures!  How was I to take my eyes off of him?)  Don’t you worry, my family will never let me live that night down!

I even had a hard time putting these plastic spider rings inside this lantern for display!  They just look so real and creepy!  But for some reason that’s the theme I went with on my front porch!  I got so sidetracked about how much I loath spiders I failed to mention that the spider web on top of the pumpkin in the previous picture is a plastic bowl I picked up from the Dollar Tree!  I cut a little whole in the bottom of the bowl for the pumpkin stem to stick out of, and placed the bowl on upside down.  So simple and only $1.

The wreath and bunting were also new decor items this year and were both pretty inexpensive!  For the wreath I bought a circle wreath form, 4 orange boas and a large creepy spider from the Dollar Tree.  I wrapped the wreath form with the boas, tying them together to connect them as I went along.  I then tied the spider on with a little jute and hung a beware sign I’d gotten from the Dollar Tree a few years back.  Now you too can make a spooky spider wreath for just $7 in only 5 minutes!

For the bunting, I purchased a piece of scrapbook paper that had all of these fun Halloween prints.  I then bought a thin, small piece of MDF from Home Depot, cut the wood to size with my table saw and used Modpodge to adhere the paper.  Then using a drill press I cut 2 small holes on the top of each wood piece and strung jute through each to make the bunting.  Another simple and quick DIY Halloween decor item, this one totalling about $5.

Mr. Bones is always a welcome guest in our home around Halloween!  He enjoys playing the piano, reading books with the kids, and sometimes I will even catch him doing some yoga poses! 🤣  (Oh my kids!)  Don’t mind that our piano is in sad shape!  We bought it off our local classifieds several years ago and knew it needed a little tlc.  One day I’ll finally get around to making it more presentable…but for now it’s a great backdrop for the Halloween decor.

I think it’s apparent that my Mom and I have a thing for witches.  I found this witch and her witch’s brew sign at our local Nursery of all places!  Who knew a nursery could have cute home decor?  (For all you locals, its J & J Nursery 😉)

A couple other additions to my Halloween decor this year are the “If you’ve got it HAUNT it” sign and the etched glass bottle.  I got my inspiration for the sign at Joann’s a while back and knew I could make my own for less money….so that’s just what I did.  I snagged this amazing glass bottle last October when my hubby, Dan and I were on a trip to Boston.  We were able to wander around Salem, MA. for a while and even had a tour of the Salem Witch Museum.  Being that our visit was in October, the museum (and gift shop) were packed and you had to buy your tickets in advance!  It was a neat thing to see, but also sad to think how these poor girls were treated, for the belief that they were witches.  It’s really crazy to think about some of the things that happened in history sometimes!  

This is my take on the DIY potion bottles and spell books.  It’s been fun to add a little more each year.  I love getting my hands on new projects and diving into the creative process!  It’s even more fun to put all of the decor items, new and old together to create the spooky theme in our home. 

Oh how Mr. Bones enjoys his time at the piano.  He’s such a delightful skeleton to have around. 

I purchased this witch craft years ago at The Wood Connection.  I simply added paint, a little bit of bling and ribbon and it’s been a fun piece of decor to have around over the years.

I loved the buffalo plaid pumpkins too, so I had to get my own!  Again at $3 a piece you can’t beat that!  And what good is coffee table decor during Halloween without any candy right?  I just have to be sure to buy candy that I don’t like so I’m not tempted to eat it all day long! 😜

Thanks for joining us for our Be-Witching Halloween Home Tour!  We hope you’ve been inspired with new decor items for your home!  What decor are you anxious to make?  Will you be running to Target and the Dollar Tree?  We’d love to see what clever decor ideas you come up with!  Share your ideas and creations with us.  Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our post on our Halloween party with recipes, game and decor ideas!

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