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Do you realize that in just a few hours you can freshen the look of your home? It’s true, one simple change can boost your curb appeal! Learn How To Paint a Front Door in one afternoon without removing it from the hinges. If you follow these quick & easy DIY tips, you can have a new front door color by tomorrow! This is one of the cheapest ways to boost your curb appeal!

Within the first year of living in our new home I had painted the front door a dark charcoal. The front door was white, with all the white stucco, the front door just got lost. It definitely needed some sort of color to add a little pop. In fact it’s the same color that I used on all the trim and pop outs when we painted the house, Peppery by Behr.

However once the house painting was complete, I knew that I wanted to change the color of the front door. After much searching, I decided that blue would compliment the orange tones of the brick.

 One of the easiest and most impactful projects is to paint your front door a new color!

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How to Paint Your Front Door Like a Pro

It may seem a little intimidating to paint a front door. It’s heavy and difficult to remove. But, there is not need to remove the door, just with a few simple tools and a quart of paint you can create instant curb appeal!

 You can also use these techniques to paint any interior or exterior door.

Choose Paint Color

Your front door says a lot about your home, so a good first impression is a must! The best front door colors make an immediate impact, complementing your home’s style and improving curb appeal.

Not only is repainting your front door a new color a simple and inexpensive exterior project, but it can be done in just a few hours. 

Choosing the best color for your front door, doesn’t mean just slapping on your favorite color. You’ll want to consider other colors on the house and the style of your home as well.

Grab a color wheel, when considering colors for your front door. You can base your color scheme with a monochromatic (several shades of a single color), analogous (colors found side by side on the color wheel), contrast (three colors spaced evenly apart on the color wheel), and complementary (two hues opposite each other on the color wheel).

By using  these color principles as a guide you will be able to select a front door color that compliments your home’s other exterior elements.

I grabbed my paint at Home Depot, I used Dragonfly by Behr for my front door.

Pro Tip: Paint a few samples on your front door. Look at the color at different times of the day and in different light. This will ensure you get a color you’re happy with.

Grab Your Supplies

STEP 1: Prep the door

How to Paint a Front Door

First remove all hardware. This is much easier than trying to mask off the door handles and peep hole. It will also make it easier to get a smooth final finish.

Second, clean the door thoroughly. Then, use a painter’s tool or a putty knife fill in any dents and fix other imperfections with putty. Let the putty fully dry.

Finally, lightly sand the surface to ensure a smooth final result. This will also help the paint to adhere well.

How to Paint a Front Door

Thoroughly wipe the surface with a lint-free damp rag to remove any dust.

How to Paint a Front Door

Step 2: Tape

How to Paint a Front Door

Tape off any windows and the surrounding trim or edge of the door.

I was only painting the front of the door. The inside and side of the door were remaining charcoal.

Place a drop cloth on the ground.

Step 3: How to Paint the Front Door

How to Paint a Front Door

Begin cutting in the recessed areas and around windows, if necessary. This is where it is real important to have a good quality brush. This will ensure that you will not have brush marks. We are big fans of Purdy brushes!

How to Paint a Front Door

Paint the panels inside the receased areas next. 

If your door is smooth, you will want to paint the remainder of the door with a mini roller. My door is a textured fiberglass door, and I wanted to keep that texture, so I used my Purdy paint brush on the entire door.

How to Paint a Front Door

Paint the rails (these are the horizontal cross pieces) working from the top down and painting horizontally, left to right.

Finally, paint the stiles last (the vertical parts of the door) from top to bottom.

Wait an hour or follow directions on paint can and apply a second coat for durability. Follow the same order as the first coat.

Sometimes a third coat of paint is necessary for good coverage, especially if painting light over a dark color.

How to Paint a Front Door

Pro Tip: While paint is still wet remove the tape. This will ensure that it will not pull off your fresh paint.

Leave your door open for 2-3 hours for the paint to cure.

The Reveal

How to Paint a Front Door

I love the way the blue now compliments the orange tones of the brick. It made such a huge difference.

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Painting Exterior of House

The before and after photos are pretty dramatic. Before the door was lost in a sea of white. But now, the blue door really pops!

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How to Paint a Front Door

Do you feel confident that you can paint a front door like a pro? It really is a fairly quick project with impressive results.

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