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If you’ve been following along for awhile, you know that I love a wreath on my front door! Not only do I love to change it out with each season, but also each year I try to freshen up my Halloween Decor too. So with my bat theme this year, I needed a bat halloween wreath.🤪  Scroll down and see how to make this easy and cheap DIY Halloween wreath for less than $15 in less than 15 minutes.

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Pottery Barn Inspiration Halloween Wreath

As I was scrolling online, I came across this festive Halloween wreath on the Pottery Barn website.

I thought it would be perfect for my door this year, but yikes, I was not willing to pay $59 for it.

I knew I could DIY this for much less. As a matter of fact, I think I like my wreath better.

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Supplies Used:

The clip on bats are available at Dollar tree. You get 4 bats in a package for $1. I purchased 3 packages for my wreath.

My twig wreath was purchased at Hobby Lobby at 50%, off so I paid $10 for it. However, if you already have a grapevine wreath, you could just add twigs to it.

The LED lights I had purchased several years back for a party. I found them at the dollar spot at Target.

Lighting a Halloween Wreath

Adding fairy light to Halloween Wreath.

The inspiration wreath from Pottery Barn was lit and I knew that lighting the wreath for Halloween would create a spooky atmosphere for my front porch.

Fairy lights or LED lights are readily available on Amazon, however I found mine several years ago in the dollar spot at Target.

LED lights are great for holidays or parties. In fact we’ve even used them for a wedding to light up the centerpieces on the tables.

How to Make a Bat Halloween Wreath

Begin by securing the end of the LED lights and then wrap around the twig wreath.

I switched my lights on while wrapping around the wreath. By doing this I could easily see where the lights were placed.

Lighting Halloween Wreath

Once the lights are wrapped completely around the wreath I wrapped the remaining wire around one of the twigs on the back.

Next, I secured the battery pack to the wreath with wire.

Adding Bats to Halloween Wreath

Dollar Tree Bats

Now we’re ready to add the bats. I found the bats at Dollar Tree. There are 4 bats per package. Such a steal!

glittery bats
Adding bats to Halloween Wreath

Each bat has a clip on the back, which makes it super easy to attach.

I simply clipped the bats randomly around the twigs on the wreath. Three packages were plenty for my wreath.

Halloween Styled Front Porch

Easy and Cheap Halloween Wreath

That’s it! Super easy, super fast, super cheap Halloween wreath.

I loved my bat wreath so much I decided to place some branches in a pot and add more bats to my porch.

Batty Halloween Wreath

Looking at my bat wreath, would you have guessed that I purchased supplies at Dollar Tree? I think these little bats are pretty darn cute and I love the glittery affect on them.

Pottery Barn Inspired Halloween Wreath

So, what do you think of my batty Halloween wreath? Do you want to make one for your front door?

We’d love to hear from you!

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Dollar Tree DIY Halloween Wreath

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  1. Shirley McGovern

    I have to say, I love them both! I actually think making your own was the best idea because it costs to much to purchase theirs. I do like that they have painted theirs black but what I would have done is painted the middle black and then just a little way up some of the branches but not all. I think the black just gives it a richer appeal. Again, that’s my take on it and I love them both!

    1. Michelle Dickson

      I love your idea Shirley of painting part of the way. I do love to use black. I chose to not paint mine, because I wanted to reuse it for other season. Thanks again for your creative idea.

  2. Ellen Day

    I love your wreath. I’m new to this. I’m having a hard time with anyone answering my questions. I’ve placed several and never get an answer. So if you don’t mind, I’ll ask you. I’m trying to tell me where I can find the posting for the pastel coffee filter wreath. I’ve looked in the find a project and cannot find any wreaths posted in there. I looked in windows and doors, outdoors, etc. and can’t find any wreaths. Could you help me? Please? Thank you even if you can’t find it.

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