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DIY light fixture ideas on the cheap!

Adding an appropriate light fixture to a room is the most simple way to complete any space. It’s like adding a piece of jewelry to an outfit, that final touch that makes the whole room feel complete.

Light fixtures can also be pretty darn expensive! So how can you still make the whole design feel cohesive without breaking the bank?

DIY of course!

We hope to get your creative juices flowing with these 8 DIY light fixture ideas.

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Creative DIY Light Fixture Ideas For Lamps

vintage lampshade

Lamps are such an important element in any room design.

They easily add lighting for specific tasks such as reading, or studying at your desk.

One of the easiest ways to create a DIY light fixture is to simply update the existing lampshade!

Before, this vintage lamp was simple and bland.

Adding black velvet ribbon and beautiful rhinestones from Totally Dazzled really updates this piece into a gorgeous chic look!

DIY light fixture

Another simple update to create an original DIY light fixture is to add a simple ribbon trim to an existing lampshade.

Before, these lampshades were minimalistic. Adding a small amount of coordinating ribbon ties all the the elements in the room together, giving them a designer look. 

Notice how the lampshade now mimics the trim on the bedding.

DIY light fixture

You can also completely upcycle old items and create your own unique DIY light fixture!

We first cut a globe in half, then drilled a hole in the top to slip over an existing lamp base. We picked up both the globe and lamp base at our local thrift store.

To finish off the cut edge of the globe, we simple glued on a strip of leather.

Simple. Unique. And stylish.

2 lamps setting on large sofa table after makeover. 5 stools at table with a centerpiece of pool table balls in wooden dough bowls, navy blue built in entertainment center in the background.

A pair of vintage brass lamps are easily updated with spray paint and wax.

We knew this room needed large lamps and we fell in love with a lamp from Pottery Barn, but at $399 a piece, there was no way it would work.

So when we spotted a pair of large brass lamps at the vintage market, we knew with a little work they would be perfect.

DIY Orb Chandeliers

DIY Light Fixture

Ok, so this isn’t quite an orb chandelier. It’s more of a geometric shape, but you get the idea.

These pendant lights came individually and were black.

Using a little spray paint and grounding them both on some distressed wood, creates an awesome focal point for this dark and moody man cave!

2 pendant lights turned to an awesome semi flush fixture.

DIY light fixture
DIY light fixture

Take advantage of your local classifieds to find light fixtures that could use a little tweaking.

This beautiful distressed wood chandelier was fine as is.

However, adding rope around the arms of the fixture gave it more of a coastal vibe which tied into the other elements of the room.

DIY light fixture

Copy cat orb chandelier.

Use a pricey light fixture as your inspiration and scour your local thrift stores or online classifieds to create a copy cat version.

This orb was purchased at a second hand store for $15 as a home decor item. The color and patina were just what I was looking for.

The chandelier was brass, but for $5 I knew it would fit perfectly inside the orb.

With a little spray paint on the light fixture itself, this finished DIY light fixture looks just like the pricey inspiration piece I was going for!

Clever Industrial Light Fixture

DIY light fixture
DIY light fixture

This clever industrial light fixture may be my favorite to date!

You can read all about the inspiration and how we created it in our original post.

To give you the quick version, we used the end of an electrical spool for the ceiling medallion, and utensil caddies for the shades.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box! This is one of our top DIY projects among our readers.

You can pretty much upcycle any items into a DIY light fixture!

DIY Light Fixture | From Brass To French Country Chic

french country chandelier
french country chandelier

Yep, this chandelier was also brass!

Simply painting existing dated light fixtures is a super easy way to update them!

With a bit of imagination, and messing around with paint, we turned this dated chandelier into a beautiful french country chandelier with a bit of Boho flair.

You can see the full tutorial including video here.

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Thanks for spending time with us today! We hope you’ve been inspired to create your own unique DIY light fixture! We love hearing from you, please share your projects with us.

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DIY light fixture

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