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Vintage cosmetic case used as the container for this simple fall sunflower arrangement.

A few weeks ago we shared how to make a Flower Arrangement with flowers from your garden.

Certainly, I was surprised at how popular it was.

Creating a flower arrangement is easy if you follow a few simple guidelines.

While decorating Steph’s home for fall we found this vintage train case she had purchased a while back.

And we thought it would make a fun container for a Simple Sunflower Arrangement.

Not only is this a quick DIY project, but it’s easy on the budget too.

The only thing Steph purchased for this sunflower arrangement was the sunflowers.

So, for only $10 she created this beautiful fall sunflower arrangement that will last for years to come.


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Sunflower Arrangement Supplies

For this simple sunflower arrangement you will need:

We went to Michaels for most of our supplies.

Not only do they have lots of choices of sunflowers, but they also have the basic floral supplies you need like styrofoam and moss.

In addition, the wild grasses were growing along side the road.

So they were FREE! You’ve gotta love free!

Pro tip: The grasses will last for weeks or months in your home if you spray them with a little hair spray shortly after cutting them.

Finally the mini pumpkins we used in this sunflower arrangement were from Steph’s Fall Decorating Ideas on a Dime.

The Container

Clearly selecting a unique container for your sunflower arrangement adds to the fun of this project.

I believe Steph purchased her vintage train case at the Vintage Market last spring.

However, check your local thrift store or Facebook Market place. Also we linked to a few cases on Etsy.

But, now’s the time to get those creative juices flowing and think outside the box.

How about using an old picnic basket or an old toolbox as a container?

In fact, a vintage crate or a small old drawer would also be fun.

Just get those creative juices flowing and comment below what you’d like to use as a container for a simple sunflower arrangement.

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Prepare Container for a Sunflower Arrangement

Vintage cosmetic case is filled with grocery bags to raise a piece of styrofoam for this simple sunflower arrangement.

First, we needed to make a few adjustment to the case before we started placing our sunflowers in the arrangement.

Since this is a vintage cosmetic case, there is a mirror on the inside of the lid.

So first, we cut a piece of cardboard from an old box to fit snugly inside the lid.

Then, we wrapped it with a little leftover upholstery fabric from Ellie’s Daybed transformation

Finally, we pushed the fabric covered cardboard piece into the lid.

Because it fit so snugly, there is no need to secure it with adhesive.

Then if we want to use the train case for another project, we can easily remove it.

Just one more thing, we added plastic shopping bags to the bottom of the case.

This will allow the styrofoam to sit a little higher in the case.

Spanish moss is placed on top of the styrofoam for this Simple Sunflower Arrangement

Last but not least, we covered the styrofoam with moss.

Arrange Sunflowers in Container

Large sunflowers are placed in a vintage cosmetic case.

When making a flower arrangement we like to begin with the main flower first.

In this particular arrangement that would be the sunflowers.

Our sunflowers came as a bush, so first we cut each stem from the main piece.

Then you can begin placing the sunflowers in the container at varying heights.

Pro tip: Use you finger to make a small opening in the moss. This allows the flower stem to be placed into the styrofoam easily.

Add Height to the Flower Arrangement

A clump of wild grasses is placed in the rear of the vintage case for this simple sunflower arrangement.

Additionally, when creating any flower arrangement you want to have your thriller (main flower) and fillers.

I think placing the wild grasses not only add height to the sunflower arrangement, but I also love the texture too.

Once again, look around you and see what you come up with for some height in your arrangement.

Add Fillers for Sunflower Arrangment

Mini pumpkins are now places around the sunflowers in this arrangement.

The final filler we are adding to this arrangement is mini pumpkins.

Once again, look in your stash of fall decor.

That’s exactly what we did!

Last year Steph had painted these mini pumpkins to match her decor.

Don’t you think they are the perfect filler in this sunflower arrangement for fall?

We alternated the colors as we placed the pumpkins around the sunflowers.

Need more ideas?

See more DIY pumpkin craft ideas to add to your fall decor this year.

Place a few of the sunflower leaves under a few pumpkins for our sunflower arrangement.

Last but not least, we placed a few of the remaining sunflower leaves under some of the pumpkins.

Looking for more creative floral arrangement ideas?

Then check out these fun ideas:

Simple Sunflower Arrangement Reveal

A vintage cosmetic case is used to make a simple sunflower arrangement. Case is filled with wild grassed, 5 large sunflowers along with white an navy blue pumpkins.

Without a doubt, this fall decor makes me smile!

Don’t you think the sunny yellow flowers just put a smile on your face.

Not to mention that the pop of yellow looks so good with the navy blue in Steph’s Fall home decor.

If you are inspired by this cheery sunflower arrangement, then you;ll want to see how Steph made her Modern Bead Sunflower Wreath too.

Simple Sunflower Arrangement in a Vintage Cosmetic Case

We hope you’ve been inspired to create your own sunflower arrangement for your home.

Be sure to comment below with any questions or thoughts.

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A vintage cosmetic case is used to make a simple sunflower arrangement. Case is filled with wild grassed, 5 large sunflowers along with white an navy blue pumpkins.

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