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Inexpensive DIY Outdoor Easter Decoration You Have to Make

Adding a little decor to your front porch is an easy way to make your home feel festive and inviting. We love to swap out the decor with each of the seasons and holidays.

If you’ve been following along, you know we’ve been on an Easter kick lately in spite of the snowfall we keep receiving! We’ve already shared 3 inexpensive and easy Easter decor ideas, all of which have been made using simple dollar store items. 

Be sure to go check them out if you missed any of them! Simply click on the images below to see each tutorial.

Each of these Easter decor ideas have been fun to make but it’s especially been exciting to watch them transform from simple dollar store items.

The Easter decor idea we want to share with you today is by far the biggest transformation! Using just a few inexpensive items, this Dollar Tree inspired DIY outdoor Easter decoration is so darling! Without a doubt you’ll have to make one in 2021!

Supplies for outdoor Easter decoration

DIY outdoor Easter Decoration supplies used

Clearly you’ll be surprised by the simple supplies needed to make this DIY outdoor Easter decoration! It may even have you wondering “how did I not think of that before?”

To get started you’ll need:

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How to use dollar store bunny form

DIY Easter decoration

You’ve likely seen similar bunny forms wandering through your local dollar store. Perhaps you’ve even walked past it without giving it much thought.

This was the case for me! I had to see past the shiny tinsel covered form and think of the basics. This form had great bunny ears!

DIY Easter Decoration

And that’s exactly what we used it for!

First remove all of the tinsel to expose the form. Then use a pair of wire cutters to cut the ears away from the rest of the form.

DIY Easter Decoration

Next give the ears a coat of green paint. We used spray paint for the ease of application, but you could use any paint you have on hand.

NOTE: You will only need 1 set of ears for this DIY outdoor Easter decoration. There are 2 sets in the image above because we were making more than one craft at a time.

how to build the body of the bunny

The two sets of bowls will be used to make the body of the bunny.

(The more sturdy the bowl the better. Try not to use a bowl with any bend to it.)

Because we intended to display our bunny topiary outdoors, we opted to add some rocks to the bottom bowl to add a little weight to ensure it would sit upright or blow away.

DIY outdoor Easter decoration plastic bonder
Inexpensive DIY Easter Decoration

Use J-B Weld plastic bonder (or any other plastic bond medium of your choice) to glue each set of bowls together, forming a medium and large size sphere.

DIY Easter Decoration

Allow each set of bowls to dry. Then secure the medium sized sphere on top of the large sized sphere with the J-B Weld.

diy outdoor easter decoration
diy outdoor easter decoration assembling bunny

Finally make a slit on top of the half ball flora foam. Place bunny ears inside slit and secure into place with adhesive. Then secure the foam on top of the medium sized sphere. Allow everything to dry completely.

camouflage bowls

After everything has dried, spray the entire body of the bunny with green paint.

This will ensure that none of the red or bright green plastic shows through the moss.

Here you can see the cute Easter decor we made earlier this week using smaller bunny forms and moss.  Essentially we’ll be repeating this process on a larger scale to create our DIY outdoor Easter decoration.

how to apply moss to outdoor Easter decoration

DIY Outdoor Easter Decoration spray adhesive

Although we already made several smaller scale moss bunnies using hot glue, we opted to use a spray adhesive on this larger bunny to save time.

The hot glue worked great on the smaller bunnies, but the spray adhesive really sped up the process!

diy outdoor easter decoration applying moss

Use a large bowl to combine a 50/50 mixture of the 2 types of moss. We used scissors to trim the Spanish moss into small pieces, but the sheet moss pulled apart easily with our fingers.

To begin applying the moss mixture to the body of the bunny, be mindful that this step is messy! Not only does the moss get everywhere, but if using spray adhesive you’ll need to protect surrounding surfaces or spray it outdoors.

Work on small areas at a time to prevent any adhesive from drying before you can get to it. Be sure to read the directions specific to the brand you’re using. After spraying the adhesive on the surface of the ears, we allowed ours to dry for approximately 30 seconds before applying any moss.

easter decoration

Once the moss has been pressed into place gently rub away any loose pieces. This may expose some of the bowl underneath. In this case simply coat with a little more adhesive and add another layer of moss.

Repeat this process until the entire body of the bunny has been covered.

Style and Enjoy


Embellish the bunny with a few flowers, and place in a large pot. Your DIY outdoor Easter decoration is ready to place on your front porch for you and any passers by to enjoy!

So, what do you think? Would you have ever thought to use plastic bowls to create a darling Easter decoration? We love the way it turned out and simply can’t get enough of it! The moss screams spring which makes this the perfect spring and/or Easter decor.

Thanks for spending some time with us today!

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