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If you’ve been swept away with the current macrame frenzy, you’re not alone. 

Certainly, macrame has made a flamboyant comeback since it was hot back in the 70’s. 

Although macrame comes finished ready to purchase in the form of feathers, keychains, garland, wall hangings, necklaces, earrings, plant hangers and more.

Perhaps you’re simply mesmerized how each pattern and item are created. 

As a beginner you may wonder:

“Can I teach myself to macrame?”

“How do I get started with macrame?”

“What is the easiest thing to macrame?”

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What Is Macrame? Can I Teach Myself?

So, what is macrame anyway?

Macrame is the art of knotting thread or cording into decorative designs that often double as useful items. 

Not only is it one of the easiest crafts to learn, but most projects are created with only 5 basic knots, used in different patterns.

Luckily with the accessibility of information available online, anyone at any skill level can most definitely learn how to macrame.

What Is The Easiest Thing To Macrame?

As a beginner you need to start somewhere. 

So, we’ve got the perfect beginner macrame project for you, easy fall macrame leaves.

In fact, with this easy to follow guide you’ll learn how to macrame with one of the most basic knots, the square knot. 

With a little bit of practice you’ll be on your way to creating unique works of art for your own home.

styled easy to make fall macrame leaves for beginners

How Do I Get Started With Macrame?

A few basic supplies are needed to begin this macrame project.

  1. Cotton rope cording
  2. Ruler
  3. Sharp scissors
  4. Comb
  5. Hairspray
  6. Thumbtack
  7. Piece of cardboard

How To Make A Macrame Leaf

Step 1 Cut the cording

cutting the macrame thread to correct lenghts

To make a macrame leaf roughly 8″ in height you’ll begin by cutting strips of cording as follows.

  • (1) 16″ strand for the center spine of the leaf
  • (6) 8″ strands for the top portion 
  • (6) 7″ strands for the top portion
  • (6) 6″ strands for the lower portion
  • (4) 5″ strands for the lower portion

Step 2 Fold center cord and secure with pin

First, fold the 16″ strand in half.

This will be the center or spine of the leaf.

Then secure the strand at the top of the fold into a piece of cardboard with a push pin.

Step 3 Alternating square knots

macrame square knots
pull both sets of thread to create a tight square knot in the macrame design

In this image the first knot has already been tied so you can see what it looks like.

The first three knots will be made using the 8″ strands.

Take one strand, fold it in half and slide it under the spine.

Then fold a second strand and place it on top of the previous strand and spine in the opposite direction.

Then, insert the ends of the top strand down into the loop of the bottom strand, and the ends of the bottom strand up into the loop of the top strand.

Finally, pull both sides tightly to make the knot. 

square knots tied around the center spine to create the macrame leaf design

In addition, alternate the starting side with each new row of knots.

For example, since the loop of the previous strand was on the left of the spine, for the next row place the first loop under the spine on the right.

Then continue with this process, gradually decreasing the strand size as you work down the spine. 

Finally, push each knot up toward the previous knot to keep the rows tight.

Step 4 Comb cording to make fringe

comb out the macrame thread to create a soft leaf look

Now that each of the knots have been tied it’s time to create that soft fringe.

First, begin by placing the comb next to the spine and pull outward through the cording.

It should be noted, this will need to be done several times to create the fringe.

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Step 5 Trim fringe to shape leaf

trim sides of the macrame to shape into a leaf

After both sides of the cording have been combed out give it a rough trim.

Comb the edges out again and trim any pieces that are longer to keep the shape of the leaf.

Step 6 Apply stiffener to leaf

using hairspray will keep the shape of these darling macrame leaves

Now for the final step.

Clearly, since the fringe is soft, the leaf will be droopy when placed upright. 

So, to prevent the leaf from flopping you’ll need to stiffen it up.

Of course, use what you have on hand, like hairspray.

On the other hand, you can also use a fabric stiffener or spray starch.

Then, allow it to dry and then decorate to your hearts content.

Finally, small clips are attached to the back of these leaves with hot glue. 

Although, the loop at the top of the leaf can be used for hanging too.

styled fall macrame leaves on mantle

Wasn’t that simple? 

Comment below if you’re anxious to try your hand at this easy beginner macrame project.

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macrame tutorial (which is also BEGINNER friendly).

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How To Make Macrame Leaves

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