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Creative Pumpkin Craft Ideas You Can Make On a Dime.  

No doubt, pumpkins and fall go hand in hand. 

Of course, when you’re thinking about fall decor there are many creative pumpkin craft ideas you can make on a dime. 

So let’s scroll on down as we share a few of our favorites with you today.

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5 Minute Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin Craft

First on our list are these darling pumpkins made from a roll of toilet paper! 

And would you believe this craft idea can be made in just 5 minutes with supplies you already have on hand!

Pumpkin craft idea using a roll of toilet paper and a broken tree branch

Also, be sure to visit the tutorial to see a few variations and just how easy they are to make. 

In fact, using a roll of toilet paper, scrap fabric (or an old shirt) and a broken tree branch, you may just find yourself making more of these than you thought!

Trick-Or-Treat Bucket to Denim Pumpkin Craft

This pumpkin craft idea using an old pair of jeans is perfect for decorating the front porch

It seems likely you have plenty of plastic Trick-Or-Treat buckets lying around if you have kids at home.

If not, these are readily accessible at large box stores and thrift stores.

Use an old pair of jeans to repurpose a plastic trick-or-treat bucket for a cheap pumpkin craft idea

In addition, you’re also likely to have an old pair of jeans that have a hole in them or don’t fit well anymore.

Then combine these two items together to make this clever denim pumpkin craft idea.

So fun, they’re perfect indoor or out on the front porch.

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Repurposed Pumpkins

Use rope to wrap around a pumpkin form to create a farmhouse or rustic feel with this pumpkin craft idea

Perhaps you have plenty of pumpkin decor but they’re due for an update.

Each of these pumpkins had seen better days.

Here are three cheap ways to spruce up old decor.

  1. Wrap pumpkin with a piece of fabric and embellish with jute. (left)
  2. Wrap pumpkin with a long piece of rope. Secure with a little hot glue while wrapping to keep in place.
  3. Apply a fresh coat of paint to the existing pumpkin form.

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Easy Finger Knit Pumpkin Craft Idea

Darling pumpkin craft made from yarn. Use yard to finger knit stips and glue into place around entire pumpkin mold from the craft store

Undoubtedly a favorite pumpkin craft idea among our readers are these cozy finger knit pumpkins.

In fact, using a little yarn and a pumpkin form these are easier to make than you might think!

And if the thought of learning how to knit intimidates you, rest assured my 8 year old was able to master this quickly!

Pairing Pumpkin Decor with Free Art

More finger knit pumpkin shapes and colors along with a free fall printable for a quick decor idea. Printable saying "Baby It's Lukewarm Outside"

Of course sharing cheap ideas how to decorate for fall wouldn’t be complete without sharing some free artwork!

Not only will you get access to download 6 FREE designs from our library,  dozens more creative designs are available from many of our blogger friends!

Be sure to see all the designs available here!

You’ll find even more ideas with 65 Simple DIY Fall Decor Ideas You Can Make Today!

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Which pumpkin craft idea is your favorite?

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  1. Donna Jones

    Paper roll pumpkins

    1. Michelle Dickson

      Good choice Donna, don’t you love how easy it is and practically free.

  2. Susan L

    Repurposed and Finger Knit pumpkins

    1. Michelle Dickson

      Thanks Susan for chiming in. That’s definitely a popular pumpkin idea. And it feels so cozy for fall.

  3. Linda Walker

    this is a hard one! The first two look so quick & easy; but, I love all things denim.

    1. Michelle Dickson

      Denim always looks great Linda. I love that it’s so unique too.

  4. Donna Marie

    I vote for the 5-minute toilet paper Pumpkin!!!

    1. Michelle Dickson

      I love it Donna Marie. It’s so quick and easy and looks fabulous!

  5. Peggy cox

    I love the blue jean one

    1. Michelle Dickson

      Great choice Peggy, I’m partial to that one too. I think it’s just so cleaver. And denim never goes out of style.

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