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Inexpensive Ideas for Decorating with Throw Pillows all Year Long

Decorating our homes isn’t just a hobby. At the same time it provides the opportunity to beautify and add character to any space. As well as set the tone and create a specific feeling. 

Just think for a minute about your favorite spot to dine out. Mine for instance is a Mexican restaurant. Clearly multiple factors play into the overall dining experience, from the quality and taste of food, service provided and environment. 

For this example we’ll focus on the environment. Now close your eyes and envision yourself seated at your favorite restaurant enjoying your favorite meal. 

In like manner, take a look around and pay attention to how this space makes you feel. Is it dark, moody and calm? Bright, airy and happy? Colorful, vibrant and energetic? 

In particular, focus on how these different environments make you feel. 

From the choice of colors, artwork and lighting, each scenario paints a vivid feeling and atmosphere.

What your home says about you

Similarly this concept applies to our own homes. Think of how you want your home to feel. Will guests feel welcome and comfortable or will they feel rushed or anxious to leave?

Experts agree decorating with throw pillows is one of the simplest ways to update the look in any space. Not only is this an easy thing to do, but it can also be very cost effective.

In fact, we have stashes of throw pillow covers we like to swap out with the change of each season and holiday. Covers are easy to store and take up much less space than an actual pillow.

If you’re not much of a throw pillow person, or at least haven’t been until this point, consider this comparison. A cake without frosting isn’t complete, in the same way a sofa or bed is lacking without throw pillows. As they say, “It’s the icing on the cake.”

(Apparently I have food on the brain today!)

So take a minute to scroll through these images to see for yourself how the look and feel in each space can change simply by swapping out the throw pillows.

Decorating with throw pillows in the living room

The Every Day Look

Shopping with the given decor trends and options available, creating an everyday look is simple. Even then, sometimes we find ourselves making our own throw pillows like we did here using an old tablecloth and paint!

decorating with throw pillows


patriotic throw pillow

The Fall Look

Other times, like this grateful pillow for instance, have been inspired and made with simple placemats from the Target dollar spot!

decorating with throw pillows

Or from a vibrant throw blanket!


decorating with throw pillows
decorating with throw pillows
decorating with throw pillows

While other times, we’ve been inspired to create throw pillows from rugs found at The Dollar Tree!

decorating with throw pillows

You can even make a throw pillow out of a tea towel like this darling Halloween print, once again found in the Target dollar spot!

Cozy Christmas

decorating with throw pillows
decorating with throw pillows

True to our DIY nature, we made these cozy plaid throw pillow covers for Christmas last year, as well as this accent pillow with another tea towel!

For the bedroom

Even though we don’t swap throw pillows out with the change of seasons in each bedroom, decorating with throw pillows is still an easy way to add texture, patterns and color. 

Again, these spaces would feel incomplete or have the appearance of something missing without a few throw pillows.

decorating with throw pillows

Often times we will make our own throw pillow covers to customize them for a room. Which is exactly what we did in this tween bedroom makeover.

By making our own covers, we were able to use the same fabric as the roman shade for the bolster pillows. We also used the leftover faux fur fabric from the vintage chair for a couple pillows on the bed.

decorating with throw pillows
decorating with throw pillows

Shop throw pillows

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In short, you can see that we love to use throw pillows to enhance or change the mood in our homes. Not only is it simple to do, but it’s cost effective too! 

So, tell us, do you already like to decorate with throw pillows? Or is this something you’re eager to try? Be sure to drop a comment or any questions below. We love hearing from you. 

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