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Do you have a vintage lampshade lying around that has seen better days, but you hate to throw it out? Have you ever wondered how to redo or embellish an old lampshade? Join us to see how easy it is to transform a vintage lampshade in less than 10 minutes.

Vintage Lampshade Before Makeover

vintage lampshade

My Mom and I love to incorporate sentimental items into our decor. She was lucky enough to get this vintage lamp from her Grandma several years ago.

It was originally a wedding gift from her new in-laws.

Grandma was no longer using and the lamp and it ended up on her basement laundry room. It became the landing spot for clothes that needed ironing. 

vintage lampshade

One day when my Mom mentioned how much she liked the lamp, Grandma told her of the origin of the lamp and told her to take it and enjoy it.

My Mom has had it ever since, and the irony is that my Mom would hang her clothes that needed ironing on it when I was little as well!

It’s now since been painted black and adds a little sentimental and vintage character to my parents master bedroom.

The original lampshade has long since been gone. But this replacement lampshade has been in this simple state for many years and has been in need of a little makeover!

Supplies Used

vintage lampshade

This quick and easy lampshade makeover can be done in less than 10 minutes and only requires a couple of supplies.

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  1. vintage lampshade
  2. velvet ribbon
  3. Totally Dazzled flat back rhinestones
  4. scissors
  5. hot glue gun

Adding Velvet Ribbon To Lampshade

vintage lampshade

To begin embellishing this vintage lampshade we added black velvet ribbon around the top rim.

Place a small amount of hot glue onto the backside of the ribbon and line it up at the back seam of the lampshade.

vintage lampshade

Continue to glue the ribbon in place as you go around the top rim.

vintage lampshade

Firmly hold the ribbon into place for a few seconds to allow the glue to cool, keeping the ribbon in place.

vintage lampshade

When you get around to the backside continue applying the glue until you are about a 1″ from the starting point.

Pull the ribbon over to the seam, mark and cut. Add a little more glue to secure the last of the ribbon into place. It will meet the beginning of the ribbon and look like one continual piece.

(Velvet ribbon won’t fray. If using a chiffon or grosgrain ribbon, allow a little extra ribbon before cutting. Cut approximately an extra 1/4″ in length. Before gluing it down, place a little hot glue at the end of the ribbon and fold backward over itself. Then secure it into place where it will meet the beginning of the ribbon at the back seam of the lampshade.)

vintage lampshade

Repeat this process along the bottom rim of the vintage lampshade. Again begin and end the ribbon at the back seam as before.

Adding Glam To Lampshade

vintage lampshade

Adding the black velvet ribbon alone already adds much more of a classy look to this vintage lampshade.

We also wanted to add a little bit of bling! We love using these flat back rhinestones from Totally Dazzled!

They’re inexpensive yet add an elegant touch!

They adhere well with a little hot glue.

vintage lampshade

Simply add a little hot glue and hold the rhinestone embellishment into place while the glue cools for a couple of seconds.

The design is up to your imagination, but we decided to add these rhinestone embellishments all the way around both the top and bottom rims of the vintage lampshade.

Once they’ve been secured into place the lampshade makeover is complete! It really is that simple!

Vintage Lampshade After Makeover

vintage lampshade

Don’t you just love the elegant look the Totally Dazzled rhinestones add?

The black velvet ribbon along the rims also helps the rhinestones to really pop off the neutral color of the lampshade.

how to decorate vintage lampshade

What do you think? Do you have a vintage lampshade you’d like to makeover?

Another great way you can update a lamp is with spray paint and wax.

We love the was we were able to transform dated brass lamps with just paint and wax.

Do you love the rhinestones? Totally Dazzled offers a wide variety of beautiful embellishments in gold, silver and rose gold. You can see their shop here.

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you’ve been inspired to give a vintage lampshade a makeover.

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vintage lampshade

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