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Have you seen the gorgeous coffee filter flowers all over Pinterest? They are amazing and so realistic looking. After trying this craft ourselves we knew we wanted to share our version of an Easy coffee filter flower with a little bling.

This DIY tutorial is so simple and fun to do. Not only will we share how to make the flower, but also how to watercolor the coffee filters to get amazing variations in color.

We promise you will be oohing & awing, and looking for places to display them around your home. Whether it’s on a wreath for your front door, centerpiece for your dining table, a beautiful bouquet for Mother’s Day, garland for a baby shower, or even a fun backdrop, you will be looking for ways to incorporate them. In fact, they would also be amazing for a wedding.

We have partnered with Totally Dazzled with this project. They have the most amazing Rhinestone embellishments, which are amazing for weddings. However, we have had so much fun embellishing so many items in our homes.

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Supplies: Coffee Filter Flowers with Bling

If you are more of a visual learner, we’ve created a short video tutorial . . .

Step 1: Coffee Filter Flowers - Folds and Cuts

Are you ready to have some fun and create? With out a doubt, creating is food for the soul. Some of our favorite times are when we are able to just play and create.

For each flower you will need 4 coffee filters.

First, flatten out the coffee filters and stack all 4 together.

Next, we will make a series of folds.

First, fold the stack of filters in half. Then fold in half again.

Now at each fold, slide scissors in and cut about 2/3 of the way. Repeat at each fold.

Fold in half one more time and cut again on the fold about 2/3 of the way.

Step 2: Coffee Filter Flowers - Form Petals

Using a pencil, sketch out the shape for the petals. You will want to make sure that it curves down on the slits that were just cut. It is similar to a heart shape only with no points. Finally, cut out the design.

Now we can open up the folds. However, leave it folded in half still.

To make the flowers look more realistic we are going to curl the edges of the petals. Roll the coffee filter petal around a pencil. Hold for several seconds and then roll the next petal. Repeat until all four petals are curled.

Step 3: Coffee Filter Flowers - Form the Flower

Open up the coffee filters and re-stack them alternating the petals and the “V” cuts.

Fold the alternating petal coffee filter in half.

With the coffee filters folded in half, start on one end and roll it into a cone shape. We like to keep our thumb inside as we roll. This will keep it slightly open in the center.

This will allow placement for our Totally Dazzled Rhinestone embellishments. Once it’s all rolled secure the end with a little hot glue.

Now our flower is really starting to take shape. To complete the flower, start on the outer edge and fold down each petal. Continue until the entire flower is open.

Step 4: Coffee Filter Flowers - Adding Watercolor

There are so many options for adding color to the coffee filter flowers. For this particular flower I wanted just the tips to have a hint of color, similar to a Tiffany rose.

First, I began by applying a little water to the edges of the petals of the flower. This will allow the color to bleed and soften as it is applied.

I created a soft pink paint my mixing red and white acrylic paint. The paint should be fairly thin for this technique, so we added quite a bit of water.

Next, gently tap the paint on the edges of the petals. Let dry completely.

We would like to share a couple other techniques we used to color the coffee filters as well.

For the flower that is two-toned coral in the center and fading to white for the outer petals, we mixed up our acrylic paint again, keeping it very thin like a watercolor.

Fold one layer of a coffee filter in half. First, wet a paint brush and brush over the entire surface of the coffee filter.

Next, paint on the watered down acrylic paint on about 1/2 of the folded coffee folder. Notice in the photo that the color is angled across the filter.

Repeat on all 4 coffee filters.

The coffee filter flowers that are colored through, we once again folded the coffee filter 1/2 and wet it with a paint brush.

For the Lavender and Pink flowers, we brushed on color from the lower ribbed edge semi circle. Rinse the brush in water and with a wet brush pull the color towards the petal tips. We then darkened the color and painted the color semi circle.

Flip each piece over and repeat.

To speed up the drying process, we baked them in the oven at 350 for 10 minutes.

For all the flowers that we painted before we formed the flower, we rolled the petals after it was painted and dried. Using the same technique with a pencil.

The flowers are formed in the same way as we did the white flower. Stack the coffee filters, alternating the petals. Fold in 1/2 and roll in a cone shape and secure with hot glue. Then fold down the petals one by one to open up the flower.

Step 5: Coffee Filter Flowers - Adding Greenery

To add a green stem, we first cut off about 1/3″-1/2″ tip of the bottom of the flower. Save this triangle piece.

Place hot glue in the opening at the bottom of the flower. Pinch closed until glue cools. If desired wrap this area with a little floral tape.

Step 6: Coffee Filter Flowers - Adding Bling

Finally it’s time to add the bling!

To provide a more stable area to glue the Rhinestone embellishment, we took that triangle piece we cut off from the bottom and used hot glue to attach it in the center of the flower, point down.

Now add a little more hot glue and adhere the Totally Dazzled Rhinestone embellishment.

Ta Da! Aren’t these flowers amazing! They look so realistic and we love the addition of the bling. These Rhinestone embellishments are inexpensive and add that touch of glam.

You probably already have most of these supplies in your home right now and the rhinestone embellishments are easily ordered online. They ship quickly from California.

This will make such a lovely gift for Mother’s Day! I know it’s something I would love to receive. We can’t wait to share these beautiful bouquets.

Are you ready to create with these beautiful rhinestone brooches? Do you have other ideas of ways you can use these beautiful embellishments in your home? We would love to hear your ideas, just leave us a comment below!

Thank you for joining us again for another tutorial.

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