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Are you looking for a quick and easy Valentines Day craft idea that can be made in 30 minutes without breaking the bank?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Not only is this simple to make but it only cost $3!

It’s the perfect Valentines day craft idea for your mantle.

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Valentine's Day Craft Supplies

Dollar Tree Valentines day craft idea

After a little trip to the Dollar Tree, we were inspired to make this Valentines day craft using this “follow your heart” banner, a jump rope and red glitter heart stickers.

At only $1 each, you can create this darling craft for just $3!

Along with the Dollar Tree items I used scrap fabric I had on hand.

You can see the video tutorial for this craft below.

This will be especially helpful when making the tassels.

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How to Make Valentine's Day Craft

First remove the hanger from the banner and thread the jump rope through the casing for this Valentine’s Day craft.

Then I made a pattern of the banner on a smaller scale at 6.5″x8″ and cut four pieces out of the gold polka dotted burlap.

Next I pressed each burlap piece to remove the wrinkles.

At this time I also pressed a 1″ fold to make a casing for the jump rope.

Then lay the jump rope inside the pressed fold and use hot glue to secure the fold, creating the casing.

Creating the Embellishments

Next I traced the heart from the banner on a piece of paper to make a pattern.

Then I cut it out and traced the heart pattern onto my fabric.

Now we are ready to cut out the heart shape from the fabric.

I used pinking sheers to have a more decorative edge.

Finally I secured each fabric heart to the burlap with hot glue.

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Valentine's Day Craft

Last but not least I added a red glitter heart sticker in the center of each heart.

The foam stickers seems to adhere well to the fabric. However, you could also use hot glue to attach them.

How to Make a Tassel

To make the tassels you’ll need jute, scissors and a piece of cardboard.

The cardboard was cut to 9.5″ in length. This will be the length of the tassel.

To begin, wrap the jute around the cardboard 30 times.

NOTE: This whole process is likely easier to understand from viewing our video tutorial.

Then carefully slide the jute off of the cardboard.

Using a new piece of jute, place the cut end near the top edge of the bundle of jute.

Then make a loop with the same piece of jute and hold in place with your finger.

Now begin wrapping the new string of jute around the top edge of the bundle of jute.

We started about 1″ down from the top, and wrapped about 1″ total.

While wrapping, be careful to keep the top edge of the jute string pulled up, and the loop free from getting covered while wrapping.

After the bundle of jute has been wrapped with this new string, cut the jute and thread the end through the loop created earlier.

Now pull the end piece of jute that’s at the top of the tassel.

Pull it just enough that the loop is hidden underneath the wrapped jute.

This will pull the loop inside the wrapped area and secure it into place.

This creates a neat wrapped edge without the need of making a knot.

Trim the excess jute from the two ends.

Lastly, insert the scissors through the bottom loops of the bundled jute and cut.

Voila, you’ve just created a jute tassel!

Repeat for both ends of the Valentines day craft.

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Completed Valentine's Day Bunting

Valentines Day Craft
Valentines day craft
I absolutely LOVE the way this cute bunting turned out! And you can’t beat a craft for $3 and crafting time of 30 minutes!


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