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Quick & Easy Valentines Day Decor

Do you like to add a little decor for Valentine’s Day?

If you been following us for very long you know I love to decorate my front porch for the seasons.

One of the best places to start decorating is the front door.

I’ve created this quick and easy Valentine’s Day decor for you front door that can be made in less than an hour and for about $12. You can’t beat that! 

Not only do I love to decorate the front porch for holidays, but I also love to add a little holiday decor inside as well.

To see more Valentine ideas view the video below.

I’ve put together a little tour of some of my Valentine’s Day decor.

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Valentine's Decor Supply List

For this quick and easy Valentine craft I used:

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For this Valentine’s Day Decor I made 22 pom-poms that I attached to a heart frame.

I used a chunky weight yarn, however any yarn will work.

How to Make a Pom-Pom

Valentine Craft
Valentine Craft

First cut a square piece of cardboard 3″x3″.

Next while holding the end of the yarn with your thumb start wrapping the yarn around the cardboard piece.

I wrapped the yarn 60 times around the cardboard.

If you are using a lighter weight yarn you may find you need to add more wraps of yarn.

You may need to experiment a bit depending on the weight of your yarn.

Valentine Craft

At this time, slide the yarn off the cardboard.

Then place a 12″ piece of yarn under the yarn bundle. 

the yarn tie completely around the middle and secure tightly with a knot.

Hold the tie ends and cut all the loops.

Quick & Easy Valentine Craft
Valentines Day Craft

Finally fluff the the yarn. As you fluff the yarn you may see loops that did not get cut, be sure to cut them all.

Continue holding the pom-pom by the ties and trim and shape the pom-pom into the shape of a ball.

I found that I needed 22 pom-poms.

Attach Pom-Poms to Heart Frame

Valentines Day Decor

At this time remove the red foil trim from the Valentine decor heart. 

Then begin attaching the pom-poms to the heart frame. I began at the bottom of the heart and worked my way to the top. Securing each pom-pom with a square knot.

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Easy Valentines Craft
Quick and Easy Valentine Craft

When all of the pom-poms are attached to the heart frame. Flip the Valentine Decor over and trim off the tails.

Attach "Love" Word

Finally, I wanted to add some sort of Valentine word to my decor.

And as luck would have it Dollar Tree had the perfect final element to my Valentine’s Day decor.

Don’t you love the natural wood look of this “love” sign?

It’s hard to believe that it came from Dollar Tree!

Valentine's Day Decoration

To attach the “love” decor to the pom-pom heart I first removed the twine hanger from the left side.

Then I placed a piece of ribbon through the loop of the “L” and secured it to the heart frame.

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DIY Valentine's Day Decoration

And finally, I attached the right side of the “love” decor, with the twine piece.

Simply pull it through to the backside of the heart with your finger or crochet hook.

I found that the crochet hook made it super easy. Then I also used the hook to knot it to the heart frame.

Hang Valentine's Day Decor

Valentines Day Decor

Last but not least, I decided to add a ribbon at the top for hanging.

Valentine's Day Decor

Yes, you can see the remnants of my Christmas decor on the porch.

In fact, I thought since it’s still wintery here, I’d leave the tree up and add some hearts for Valentine’s Day decor.

Check out these clever DIY Valentine Decoration ideas too!

And if you’re looking for ideas to decorate your mantel or shelf try this Dollar Tree bunting idea or a neutral Valentine garland.

Valentine's Day Decor

I’m definitely loving my new Valentine’s decor here on my front porch. 

It’s so fun for me to add a little festive decor for each holiday. This project was so quick and easy. 

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Valentine's Day Decor That's Quick & Easy

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