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Certainly one of the most important areas to implement great organization and storage ideas is in the kitchen.

Without a doubt, it’s the busiest room in your home.

Creating practical pantry storage and organization is not only a must for busy families today, but it also elevates the look and overall feel of your home.

Remember, “Organization isn’t about perfection. It’s about efficiency. Reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money, and improving your overall quality of life.” – Christina Scalise, Professional Organizer and Author

Even if you don’t have a dedicated pantry space, in this post you’ll find clever ideas for creating pantry storage and organization in your kitchen.

First we want to give a special thanks to our amazing blogging friends for sharing their creative ideas.

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Container Ideas for Pantry Organization

Pantry Organization Ideas - adjustable white wire shelves in pantry. Glass jars are used to store dry goods. Mesh boxes are used to organize packaged food.

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Definitely a well organized pantry is essential for any home cook.

One of the most important elements when organizing your pantry is the containers.

Especially if your dedicated pantry area is small, you’ll want to choose containers wisely so they don’t waste space.

Top on my list is using clear containers. 

Not only can you easily see when you’re getting low on items, but also you can quickly see what is stored in each container.

Choose Uniform Containers

Pantry organization ideas - white pantry shelves with a white penny tile backing. Clear container store dry goods like flour, sugars, baking powder neatly labeled. Clear storage boxes store small packaged food.

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Clear uniform containers for baking supplies help unify the space and cut down on visual clutter.

Scrap Packaging

Pantry Organization Ideas - Clear plastic containers are label for dry goods and packaged food.

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Clearly, when you loose the packaging you create more space.

In addition, your food will stay fresh longer. 

Tip: When filling containers mark expiration date with a dry erase marker.

Use Modular Containers

Pantry Organization Ideas - Clear rectangle containers labeled with white vinyl lettering for baking suppies, brown sugar, sugar, flour, chocolate chips, white chocolate, peanuts.

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When space is at a premium, using modular containers is smart.

This pullout baking organization utilizes every square inch of storage.

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Repurpose Jars

Faux etching on vintage glass botteles label flour and sugar in pantry organization.

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Reusing, repurposing and recycling is just plain smart!

Take a look at these vintage oversized mayonnaise jars that have been repurposed into pretty pantry storage with a faux etched label.

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Pantry Organization with Pretty Baskets

Pantry Organization Ideas - White wire pantry shelves are organized with basket for breakfast foods, condiments and rolling storage for canned goods.

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Unlike clear containers, baskets can be used to hide visual clutter.

Sorting like items in baskets makes for great pantry organization.

Plastic Bins

Pantry Organization Ideas - White and grey plastic bins create uniformity in this pantry. Pantry door holds spices.

Photo credit:

Certainly this pantry organization is so pleasing to the eye.

And it starts with these uniform plastic containers used to corral items from canned goods to snacks.

Produce Baskets

White mesh trash baskets from the dollar store are used to organize onions and potatoes in the pantry.

Photo credit:

Store produce items like onions, garlic, potatoes, tomatoes and citrus fruit in baskets. 

They need air flow to prevent an accumulation of moisture, which can lead to spoilage.

Generally a pantry is dark and cool, which will also help them last longer.

Personally, I think these mesh dollar store trash cans are a great way to organize produce in your pantry.

Tip: Store onions and potatoes away from each other. They produce ethylene gas which will cause them to ripen quicker.

Use Crates

Old wine crate is used to store rice and pasta in pantry.

Photo credit:

Another great way to keep your pantry organized is to incorporate crates.

Once again reusing and repurposing old crates is a great storage option for your pantry.

Virginiasweetpea uses a variety of vintage items to keep her pantry neat and organized.

Budget Friendly Dollar Store Organization

White dollar store baskets are used to organize the pantry, filled with canned goods, oils, and vinegar.

Photo credit:

Of course, we love budget friendly pantry organization ideas.

Using dollar store containers to organize this pantry kept the makeover on budget.

In fact, we used these same plastic bins to organize the freezer.

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Create Zones

Pantry organization ideas - Lunch packing zone created with plastic storage drawer organizer, labeled with chalkboard labels. juice boxes, snacks etc.

Photo credit:

For efficient pantry organization ideas, create zones.

For example, a lunch packing zone, breakfast zone, snack zone etc.

Not only does it make it easier to pack a lunch for example, but it also streamlines meal preparation.

Spice Organization

Round metal and glass spice jars are label and store with magnets on a metal sheet mounted on the backsplash.

Photo credit:

Surely, keeping spices neat and organized in a kitchen or pantry can be a challenge!

Alphabetized spices that are easily accessible like these magnetized containers are so smart.

Spices are labeled with a black and white circle label on glass containers.

Photo credit:

Keeping spices neatly labeled and organized is definitely the key.

I’m sure we’ve all bought a spice or two that we didn’t need because we couldn’t find it.

DIY Spice Cabinet

Photo credit:

This DIY rolling spice cabinet if a chef’s dream.

It’s huge and yet takes up very little space in the kitchen.

Plus there’s bonus storage on the other side for cookbooks.

Say what?!

Click on the link to see this amazing pantry organization idea.

Label for Better Pantry Organization

Clear plastic containers store pasta, labeled with black vinyl lettering.

Photo credit:

Labeling is the key to maintaining pantry organization.

Not only labeling the containers, but I also like to label the shelf.

Then there is no excuse as to where it needs to be returned.

If you have access to a digital cutter, you can get a free label svg cut file from

Pantry Organization Ideas - Clear rectangle containers labeled with white vinyl lettering for baking suppies.

Photo credit:

If you’d  like to create your own custom cut labels, will walk you through the entire process.

Organize Small Appliances

Pantry Organization Ideas - Pantry painted light grey with white painted shelves. One section of pantry is used to store small electrical appliances.

Photo credit:

Even though appliances are not food, I feel the pantry is a great place to keep small appliances organized.

Add Risers

Pantry Organization Ideas - White painted shelves with light grey walls make this pantry look fresh and clean. Glass jars, baskets and plastic storage bins organize packaged food.

Photo credit:

Simply adding risers to your pantry shelves, canned goods become more accessible.

Which will result in less waste, and is a smart pantry organization idea.

Add Hooks

Pantry Organization Ideas - White wire shelve organizer on pantry door adds more storage for ziplock backs, trash bags and spices.

Photo credit: Thistlekeylane

Another smart pantry organization idea is to use your vertical space more effectively with hooks.

This wall area was once wasted space, but with a few simple hooks, see how much additional storage is gained.

Improve Corner Storage with Turntables

Pantry Organization Ideas - Black wire baskets are used to organize canned goods and packaged food in this pantry. Pantry walls are wallpapered with a stone paper.

Photo credit:

Another area in a pantry that is difficult to organize is corners.

But with a simple turntable, items are efficiently organized and easily accessible.

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Pullout Shelves

Pantry organization ideas - Clear Ikea containers are used to organize pullout pantry drawer storage.

Photo credit:

If your pantry space is difficult to access and really needs some organization ideas, consider installing pullout shelves.

Pullout shelves are worth every penny. 

No more items lost in the back of a cupboard or shelf.

And no more gymnastics trying to find what you’re looking for.

Utilize Wall Space

Pantry Organization Ideas - White plastic bins are used to organize packaged foods, hanging baskets along wall create additional storage for small items and spices.

Photo credit:

Check out this great idea to make this wall space more functional!

Small wire baskets hanging from iron rods.

What a brilliant pantry organization idea!

The rod also allows for additional hooks for apron storage.

Can you see ways of implementing this idea into your pantry organization?

Organize Pantry with Clips

DIY chip organizer made with a length of wood painted with clips attached to the board. Chips are then clipped to the board.

Photo credit:

Clever chip storage with clips in this organized pantry.

This simple DIY project mounts to the pantry wall and makes great use of a previously unused space.

Pantry door is used to organize spices, oils and vinegar with a wire shelving system.

Photo credit:

Installing a storage rack on the door certainly makes this pantry more organized!

However, there’s also one more idea inside this pantry.

Take a look just below the pantry sign, the wall is sloped, yet the space is still utilized with wire baskets attached to the wall.


Use a Shoe Organizer

Pantry Organzation Ideas - Shoe organizer is hung on pantry door for additional storage.

Photo credit:

Can you imagine the possibilities of what you can store in a shoe organizer hung on your pantry door?




Build Your Own Shelves

Pantry Organization Ideas - White painted shelves with light grey walls make this pantry look fresh and clean. Glass jars, baskets and plastic storage bins organize packaged food.

Photo credit:

If your current pantry layout isn’t working for you, do what DIYbeautify did.

She gutted her pantry and built new more functional shelves.

Now she has the pantry storage and organization needed.

Butler’s Pantry

Pantry Organization Ideas - in a small pantry a butlers pantry was created with DIY wood shelving, countertop and black and whtie backsplash, more shelving above with white storage baskets.

Photo credit:

Check out this amazing transformation of a small pantry into a mini butler’s pantry.

The lower shelves of the original pantry were removed and new more efficient shelves installed with a butcher block countertop.

Creating a zone for breakfast preparation.

Every inch of this pantry is utilized and it’s so beautiful!

Utilize a Nook

Pantry Organization Ideas - Create a pantry with wood shelves in a niche area. Clear containers neatly organize dry goods, backets provide storage for items that are not so pretty.

Photo credit:

What do you do if you don’t have a pantry?

Make your own, with simple shelves in a nook!

To me, it just looks like this space was meant to be a beautiful pantry.

Pantry Organization Ideas - Create a pantry with wood shelves in a niche area. Clear containers neatly organize dry goods, backets provide storage for items that are not so pretty.

Photo credit:

Personally, I think this pantry is so beautifully organized it deserves to be seen.

Upcycle Vintage Cabinet into Pantry Organization

Pantry Organization Ideas - Vintage cabinet is refinished with paint and wallpaper. Clear containers organize dry goods along with bowls, mugs, and cutting boards.

Photo credit:

Another great idea if you don’t have a dedicated pantry space, repurpose a vintage cabinet.

Not only is this cabinet oh so beautiful, but it has lots of storage.

Turn a Cupboard into a Small Organized Pantry

Pantry Organization Ideas - Clear rectangle containers labeled with white vinyl lettering store packaged food in a cupboard. Organized by categories, like crackers, chips, snacks, cookies etc.

Photo credit:

Without a dedicated pantry space, Smallstuffcounts created this beautiful organized small pantry in a cupboard.

Her space is extremely efficient and everything is easy to find.

Freshen Up with Paint and/or Wallpaper

Wall paper added to the back of an upcycled vintage cabinet for pantry organization and storage.

Photo credit:

Make your pantry beautiful by installing an amazing wallpaper.

A touch of wallpaper will elevate the look and feel of your pantry.

Are you inspired to reorganize and create a beautiful pantry in your home?

I know, I certainly am!

And my pantry can certainly use some lovin’!

In fact, the wheels are turning in my head and I’m thinking of a way to incorporate a butler’s pantry in my kitchen.

We’ve pulled together a few ideas, to help you get started creating the perfect organized pantry.

Are you enjoying all of these amazing ideas?!

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