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There’s no doubt that the need for a home office is more prevalent today than ever before!

Certainly we all need home office ideas that will increase our productivity.

But what does that look like?

Are you bombarded with kids sneaking in the room while on a conference call?

Do you have pets or other distractions that interrupt your work flow?

Perhaps there is no dedicated workspace in your home.

Did you know that studies show that it takes on average 24 minutes to regain your focus and get back on task after an interruption?

Distractions at work can add up to more than you think!

Follow along as we share 5 home office ideas that will help to increase productivity and minimize distractions!

Plus you’ll get to come along and tour our home office ideas.

And for more office inspiration check out our cozy home office library.

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In this post . . .

Incorporate Your Own Style

Home Office Ideas, make your space reflect you with art and accesssories. Black framed watercolor art on a white shiplap wall.

Does a home office really need to reflect my own style?

Let’s think about that for a minute.

At first you may think that the style or design ofo your workspace doesn’t matter.

Of course you can work anywhere, right?

While this may be true, however if your own personal style is incorporated into your home office, the atmosphere changes.

Your ability to concentrate will increase and enhance your work experience.


Because you’re somewhere comfortable, somewhere familiar, a place where you can be more authentic, be the real YOU!

Choose a Color Scheme for Your Home Office

Desk area with 2 monitors, bookshelf for storage, another workstation with a sewing machine. Large standing workstation in the center of the room.

The next home office ideas is to choose a color scheme that reflects you.

For me, that meant creating a space that was light and airy with a hint of color.

For example, I chose an aqua blue (aqua smoke by Behr, from The Home Depot) and a little pop of orange.

Without a doubt this color combination make me feel energized, happy and cheerful!

Furniture that Reflects Your Style

A vintage orange postal sorter is repurposed into a computer workstation with storage.

In addition, incorporating your own style includes choosing specific items or pieces of furniture that reflect who you are.

I love thrifting!

In fact, taking an old forgotten piece and bringing it back to life is exhilarating!

And of course each piece has a story to tell.

This postal sorter story includes a 6 hour day trip with 2 kids.

Close up view of storage in postal sorter, holding vintage cameras, clocks, paper punches, stamping ink pads, ink, etc.


By simply adding a wood desk top to the postal sorter, we created another workstation with plenty of storage.

Details on add the desk top to the postal sorter can be found here.

Customize Workspace for Your Needs

Home Office Ideas, a standing workstation was created with an old dresser, oak countertop, a light fixture is mounted above the workstation. Walls are white shiplap with aqua quadrafoil pattern.

Furthermore, I need a large work surface for crafting, wrapping presents and DIYing.

Rather than buy expensive cabinetry and countertop, we made our own home office island.

As you know I love to repurpose and reuse furniture.

Since this dresser was just sitting in our basement collecting dust, I gave it a fresh coat of paint and added an oak countertop.

Home Office Ideas, close up view of the oak countertop on the standin workstation

And a special thanks to my Dad for this lovely countertop.

 He constructed with the same materials and method as our built-in mudroom!

Home Office Ideas, standing workstation is a repurposed dresser with an oak top. The extended countertop area is supported by vinage corbels painted to match.

It large enough to allow extra seating.

In addition, thrifted stools for only $20!

Crazy good deal!

Also the overhang is supported by corbels on each end.

These too are thrifted and painted to match.

Ask, How Your Space Needs To Function

Home Office Ideas, wide angle view of office. White shiplap walls, aqua quadafoil drapery on a black rod. Orange postal sorter with a computer and printer, white farmhouse chair. Standing workstation with a repurposed dresser, 2 vintage chairs and a oak countertop. Desk area with a vintage blue chair.

First and foremost, decide the functionality of your  home office.

Consider all ideas to make sure it will meet all of your needs.

During the planning stages of our home office ideas, we knew this space needed to be multi-functional.

At the time, my Hubby was headed back to school for what would be his 2nd Bachelors degree.

Clearly, we needed a dedicated space for him to study.

This home office also doubles as the a craft room.

For years I’ve dreamed of a dedicated craft room.

A space to store all of the supplies, a space to cultivate creativity, a space to be inspired.

And now my dreams have come true!

We’ve created 5 different workstations in this home office, 3 separate desk work areas and 2 seats at the island.

Now each of us in our little family of 5 each have a dedicated space to study, work and create.

Little did we know how HANDY this space would be during quarantine!

This space has been a life saver for our family!

Ellie and Gavin also have desks in their bedrooms, which have been helpful too.

Clearly these spaces have come in handy to limit distractions with various zoom calls.

Let’s just spell it out…my kids are SPOILED!

And during quarantine we desperately needed some personal space apart from one another!

Can you relate?

Consider Lighting for Home Office Ideas

Home Office Ideas, create more than one workspace, desk area with 2 monitors, bookshelf for storage, another workstation with a sewing machine. Large standing workstation in the center of the room with 2 bar stools.

Not only does the use of natural lighting allow you to save on your energy bills, but there are plenty of other benefits as well, such as:

  • increased amount of concentration and focus resulting in more productivity
  • reduces blood pressure
  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • it can even increase the value of your home
  • increases happiness and helps prevent sadness
  • vital source of Vitamin D
  • benefits vision
  • better for healthier indoor plants
  • can suppress your appetite and aid in losing weight
  • gives you more energy
  • helps you sleep better

For more information on these benefits check out this article.

Who wouldn’t want one or even all of these benefits simply by incorporating natural lighting into their home office?

Sign me up!

Oh wait, I do have a large window, yay for me.

What if you don’t have a large window?

The next best alternative is to use ample lighting.

Be sure to include task lighting for specific needs, and use daylight bulbs as much as possible!

You can also set a reminder to stretch and walk around outside for a minute.

Soak up some of that Vitamin D, get some fresh air and get back to work.

That will certainly boost your productivity!

Clear Home Office From Clutter

Home Office Ideas, this home office also double as a craft room, craft supplies are stored on the wall in a vintage bread pan and towel rods.

Cetainly you’ve heard “there’s a place for everything, and everything in it’s place”.

Having order and organization will not only help you keep a tidy workspace, but your productivity will greatly improve as well.

The home office is for getting things done.

It’s also helpful to hide cord clutter or any other eyesores.

Chaos can ultimately lead to feelings of being overwhelmed.

And feeling overwhelmed can lead to stress and anxiety.

Home Office Ideas, this home office also doubles as a craft room. Craft paper punches are hung on the wall on a towel bar.

While stress is a normal part of life.

Work and home life clearly have their own stresses.

Why inadvertently add more stress by working in a cluttered home office?

Take time to gather items to keep paper clutter and other eyesores at bay.

You’ll be amazed how much stress will be alleviated.

Have a Dedicated Home Office Workspace

Sewing station set up with black countertop, vintage aqua chair. Above work area is an old crib frame which holds patterns and projects.

Undoubtedly, a dedicated workspace will minimize distractions, allowing for better concentration, creativity and efficiency.

While a spare bedroom can be converted into a home office,

But if you’re short on space, consider creating a cloffice, an office on a closet.

Or select an area of your home and dedicate it as your workspace, like an unused dining room.

Home Office Work Schedule

Clearly, it’s easy to be distracted when you are working at home.

Assign yourself work hours.

Create a schedule that will work for you and stick to it.

But also be sure to include the family in your plans.

Helping them be aware of dedicated quiet time free from distractions is key to better productivity. 

Of course, interruptions will happen!

In fact, as I’ve been writing this post I think I’ve been interrupted 900 times.

It’s clearly a work in progress.

We aren’t perfect!

Also you may also be interested in our step by step guide on how to design a room.

In this post we dive a little deeper into the design fundamentals.

You’ll also get a peek into our thought process and how we like to bring all the elements in a room together.

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Shop This Look

Clearly we hope these home office ideas have been helpful.

Planning and designing the space are key to making it function for your needs.

Think long-term, the goal is to ultimately create the space you need for years to come. 

In fact, consider phasing things in over time and as resources allow.

Start where you can.

Just be sure to have your end goal in mind.

Incorporate elements first that allow you to maximize your needs for your home office.

The benefits from your hard work will ultimately help you reach that goal! 

We hope you’ve found these home office ideas helpful.

If you have other ideas for creating a productive home office, please share them with us.

We love hearing from you!

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