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Laundry will always be a major chore in everyone’s home.

So, why not make your laundry room more organized, functional and beautiful?

In fact, did you know that remodeling the laundry room is one of the most popular home updates?

Evidently, we are rethinking the laundry room space and creating an inviting and workable room that’s just more useful.

Certainly, that’s what I was going for in my laundry room remodel.

Because of the way my laundry room looked, I just kept the door closed and hoped no one would actually go inside and see what a mess it was.

Not only was it sterile, but it just didn’t function as well as I knew it could.

With this in mind, I’d like to share 14 useful laundry room organization ideas that have certainly made my laundry room much more functional.

Also, we are down to the last couple of weeks of the One Room Challenge.

It’s week 7 and we are excited to share our progress in our laundry room.

Just as a reminder, you can easily navigate through each week of this Modern Cottage Laundry Room project.

How Can I Organize My Laundry Room

Has this thought crossed your mind, “how you can organize and create a more functional laundry room”?

Actually, I’ve been thinking about it for years, putting together a plan in my mind.

In fact years ago I started creating a Pinterest board with laundry room ideas.

Dreaming and saving ideas that I thought would make an amazing and organized laundry room.

If you are looking for even more inspiration, why don’t you follow our Pinterest board?

Scroll on down for my top ideas that I’ve implemented in my laundry room to keep it organized, functional and beautiful.

And if you are look for more ideas to keep your home organized, check out 30 Small Kitchen Organization Ideas.

Organize Laundry Room with Open Shelving

Open wood shelves with black iron brackets. Placed on the shelves are 2 galvanized canisters for storing dry laundry supplies like borax and oxiclean.

Not only will open shelving add more organization to your laundry room, but it provides an opportunity to add decor and make your space beautiful.

I believe that adding open shelving helps keep your laundry room light and airy while keeping it functional and organized.

In a couple of weeks we will be sharing how to hang open shelving over tile.

Watch for that tutorial if you’ve ever wondered how to install anything over tile.

Black iron shelf brackets support 2 wooden shelves. Laundry deterent and fabric softner are placed in glass decanters on one of the wooden shelves.

Not only does the open shelving provide a place to add beautiful decor, but it’s also a great opportunity to place your laundry products in pretty containers.

Of course, these pretty containers keep your laundry room organized but they don’t need to be expensive.

In fact, I used a thrift store vase and added a cork along with an old decanter to store my liquid laundry detergent and fabric softener.

And the pretty box holds fabric softener sheets.

Add a Folding Station

Wood folding table over washing machine and dryer. Gray marble tile floor.

While I’ve added a lot of storage and organization to my laundry room, this fold table has to be one of my favorite elements.

For the past month I’ve actually had a place to fold my laundry, which has been amazing!

If you don’t have a fold table in your laundry room, check out how we built this from an old dining table.

Organize Laundry Room with Storage Over Machines

Laundry room organization ideas, white shaker cabinets are placed abover the laundry room appliances. Above the cabinets cubbies were added for basket storage, topped with crown molding.

Certainly the old adage “a place for everything and everything in it’s place”, takes on new meaning in my organized laundry room.

Adding cabinets above my machines added a lot of storage that I definitely needed.

Personally, I can’t think of anyone who says they have too much storage.

However, when ordering my cabinets, I made a mistake and ordered my cabinets too short.

In fact, my plan was for cabinetry to go all the way to the ceiling.

I was devastated when I realized my mistake.

However, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

To remedy this error, we made cubbies to fit above the cabinets for basket storage.

Similar to the shelves that we built into the wall, only it is tipped on its side and fitted with molding.

Now it looks like it was meant to be that way all along.

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Utilize Every Inch of Storage

Laundry room organizing containers that are labeled in an upper cabinet in the laundry room.

Clearly when adding storage and organization to your laundry room, you want to use your space effectively.

Surely, we don’t want any wasted space.

Upper laundry room cabinet before shelves are adjusted to make is better organized. The idea is to lower the lower shelf to make more room of the top shelf.

When I first started placing items into my cabinets, I immediately realized that with the current hole placement for the adjustable shelves was not going to work.

There was too much wasted space on the lower shelf.

Therefore, I would need to adjust the hole placement for the shelf brackets.

First, I measured how much lower I wanted the shelf to be.

Inside of upper cabinet, position of marked with a pencil for hole placement to be made with drill for laundry room organization ideas.

Next, I made a mark with a pencil marking where the center of the new hole would be.

Laundry Room Organization Ideas, make cabinets more functional by adding holes to adjust shelves and make them more functional

Then, I found a drill bit that was the same size as the other holes.

Finally, I placed a piece of tape on the drill bit marking the depth I needed to drill the hole.

Now I was ready to drill 4 new holes in my cabinet for the height of my new shelf.

I repeated this for the top shelf as well.

Laundry room organizing containers that are labeled in an upper cabinet in the laundry room.

As a result of these adjustments to the shelves, I was able to fit the black box and other storage on the upper shelf and utilize the entire cabinet.

Hang Ironing Board

Hanging storage with hooks on bead board wall for ironing board.

Create a spot to hang your ironing board.

In my opinion, keeping items off the floor and stored in their proper place makes the laundry room feel neat and organized.

Keep Laundry Room Organized with Labels

Laundry room organizing containers that are labeled in an upper cabinet in the laundry room.

Label everything!

Of course, this will help your laundry room stay organized!

Not to mention the fact that anyone in your home can easily find what they are looking for.

Certainly, one more step you can take to keep your laundry room organized is to label each shelf as well.

Then when a container is removed, it’s easy to know where to return it to.

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Add Vertical Storage with Hooks

Womans hand returning cleaning tool to the hanging storage in the broom closet. Also hanging on the organizer is dusting mits, dust mop, mop.

Another one of my favorite elements in my laundry room is my broom closet.

Not only do I not need to store my vacuum in my pantry or coat closet anymore, but I also have a place set aside for hanging my mops, brooms, and vacuum attachments.

This easy to install stainless steel mop/broom rack makes keeping this closet in my laundry room organized a breeze.

Hanging storage in a broom closet with cleaning tools and attachements for the vacuum cleaner.

Add Pretty Baskets and Bins

Cute baskets are used in the broom closet to store towels, and cleaners.

I believe adding pretty baskets, boxes and storage bins not only will help your space stay organized, but they make your laundry room feel beautiful.

In fact, in the broom closet, we added 2 shelves and placed baskets on them to keep this space neat and organized.

Packets of seeds stored in a basket help keep this multifunctional laundry room organized.

Again, I placed baskets in the cubbies above the cabinets.

In these baskets I placed items that we don’t use frequently, like bottles of hand soap and extra seeds for my vegetable garden.

Bottles of hand soap stored in a basket.

I have found that I now have more storage than ever in my laundry room, thanks to good organization.

Add Hanging Organization for Your Laundry Room

Laundry room organization idea, create hanging storage with hooks. Black hooks on a bead board wall with blue floral wallpaper.

While with all the extra storage and organization we added to my laundry room, I didn’t want to hang a rod for laundry.

So instead we placed hooks along the bead board wall.

It’s a great place to hang shirts after they are ironed or to hang items that need to air dry.

Add a Lint Bin

Open wood shelves with black iron brackets. Placed on the shelves are 2 galvanized canisters for storing dry laundry supplies like borax and oxiclean.

While searching for items for my laundry room, I spotted a couple of cute lint bins.

However, I knew I had a few small metal buckets lying around that would be cute on my open shelf.

You can easily add a “lint” label with a rub on or with vinyl cutting machine.

DIY Custom Drawer Organizers

Custom wood organizer for drawer helps to keep this laundry room organizer.

I think this is my 3rd favorite space in my laundry room, my junk drawer.

In fact, I get so excited over an organized space.

When I saw this DIY custom drawer organizer from my friend Carrie, at Lovely Etc., I knew I needed to try it.

It can be made in less than an hour with simple project wood from the home improvement store.

Check out her post if you want to try this drawer organizer.

Tame the clutter of a junk drawer with this DIY custom wood organizer. Each section is labeled and filled with household items like pencils, pens, markers, tape, glue, erasers, note paper, stapler, clips, tools, scissors, rubber bands and flashlights.

While I did have plastic drawer organizers before, this custom wood organizer makes it easy to keep this drawer organized in my laundry room.

Also to keep this drawer organized, I labeled each cubby.

Other Practical Storage for an Organized Laundry Room

Laundry room organization ideas, organize picture hanging supplies in a small tackle box. Box filled with bumper pads, velcro hangers, command hooks, frame wire, hooks, and nails.

In the same way, I used baskets and boxes to keep my laundry room organized, I have found other practical containers that will keep your space neat and orderly.

This small tackle box is perfect for felt bumper pads, command hooks, velcro adhesive squares and picture hanging supplies like hooks and nails.

All neatly stored in one container that I keep on the top shelf in my laundry room.

Laundry room organization ideas, battery storage container filled with all sizes of batteries along with a battery tester and charger.

It seems to me it can be difficult to keep your batteries neat and organized.

I was so excited when I came across this battery organizer case.

Not only does it hold every type and size of battery, but it also came with a battery tester.

And this container is fireproof too.

Laundry room storage ideas, storage under the sink for large an bulk items. Large containers of laundry detergent, fabric softener, bleach, garbage bags, hand soap, baking soda and a basket filled with cleaning brushes.

It seems to me that the area under the sink is the perfect place to store and organize large bulky items like laundry detergent, fabric softener, trash bags and hand soap refill.

Also in this spot I keep a plastic basket for my scrub brushes.

Other Laundry Room Organization Ideas

Open drawer filled with cleaning rags and towels placed vertically in the drawer for better organization.

I believe that drawers are much easier to keep organized than cupboards.

So when planning my laundry room remodel, I opted for more drawer storage.

By storing cleaning rags and towels vertically, it not only makes it easy to see what cloth you’re after, but it also allows you to fit more in the drawer.

Give it a try and see how much more you can fit into your drawer.

In fact, after returning all of the items to my laundry room, plus adding more items that used to be stored else where, I still have one drawer that is completely empty.

Clearly, that’s what good organization will do for you!

Laundry room organization ideas, create store in one of the upper cabinets for glass vases.

As I returned items to my laundry room, I found that this cupboard was completely empty too.

After a little thought, I decided it would be the perfect space to store my vases, plant pots and house plant fertilizer.

Create Mudroom Organization in Your Laundry Room

Laundry room Organization ideas by adding hooks for a mudroom along one wall. Black hooks on a bead board wall with a blue floral wallpaper. Hooks are holding a bag for gloves, hats and glasses and a backpack.

When we purchased our home it did not have a mudroom.

As we enter our home from the garage, we walk right past the laundry room and I thought this would be the perfect spot to add hooks for jackets, coats, backpacks and purses.

Laundry room Organization ideas by adding hooks for a mudroom along one wall. Black hooks on a bead board wall with a blue floral wallpaper. Hooks are holding a bag for gloves, hats and glasses and a backpack.

By adding this small hanging basket we now also have a place for hats, gloves and sunglasses too.

This was once a blank wall with nothing on it, now it’s organized and functional storage in my laundry room.

Certainly adding organization to your laundry room is key to keeping your space neat, clean and organized.

By implementing a few of these organization ideas into your laundry room, you will be well on your way to an Instagram worthy laundry room.

Shop Laundry Room Organization Ideas

This completes week 7 of the One Room Challenge.

Next week we will reveal the entire room with all of the decor.

Be sure to check back next week and see the results of my laundry room makeover!

Clearly, I am loving the way my laundry room is coming together.

Of course, you will find more amazing ideas from other bloggers participating in the One Room Challenge.

Click on the link and get inspired!


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