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Top 10 DIY Project of 2020

Top DIY Projects for Home

The year has come to an end and it’s a great time to look back on 2020. For many of us it’s a year we would like to forget, yet there have been many good things about this past year as well.

Clearly, we’ve all been home more and learned much about ourselves. Without a doubt, we’ve learned that we can do hard things! Not only have we shared more time together as a family, but also we’ve learned new and maybe better ways of working. 

As a result of “work from home” as the new norm, many business have learned that employees are more productive working from home. In particular, that’s been the case for my husband. In fact, when everyone is able to once again return back to the office, they plan on letting employees continue to work from home 2-3 days a week. Similarly, the office my daughter-in-law works in decided to close down the office permanently and have everyone work from home permanently. 

For Steph and I, it’s a great time to reflect back and see what’s been popular with our readers. Most importantly, we want to continue to provide you with ideas and projects that will help you bring your home to the sunny side of the street.

We are excited to share our top 10 DIY projects. These top 10 DIY projects were determined by which posts had the most page views during the year. And you might think that meant that only projects from the beginning of the year made the list… but that’s not the case. Some of our top 10 projects were made late in the year. They were so popular, that they jumped to the top of the list fast!

And for more ideas to add value to your home, take a look at 10 Sensational Home Improvement Ideas on a Budget.

#10 - DIY Projects in the Yard

DIY projects for the backyard

As many of you know, our backyard is heavily wooded and quite steep. We needed a creative way to get the most out of our space. While our lot is large, it had not really been utilized. However, while searching for our new home, this home jumped to the top of our list because we could see the possibilities of what the backyard could become. 

One item that was on the top of our list was a tree swing for the grandkids. Even with our heavily wooded lot, we did not have one tree with a branch that would support a tree swing. We had to get a little creative. See, How to Hang a Tree Swing Without a Branch.

#9- Diy Fall Decor Projects

DIY Projects for Fall

This post quickly became a favorite for our readers. In fact, it can be made with items that are probably already lying around your house. 

What’s funny is that this DIY project was not Steph’s original plan for creating pumpkin decor for her home. She wasn’t loving the way it was turning out and decided to grab a pair of old jeans. And just look at the results! Pumpkin Decor Using an Old Pair of Jeans.

#8- DIY Upcycle Projects

DIY Projects

Clearly, there are many elements in Ellie’s bedroom makeover that are reader favorites. However, our readers are looking for cleaver ways to reuse and upcycle items. 

Definitely this bed crown makes a statement in Ellie’s room. But what our readers loved most it that we created this from a $5 thrift store table and $10 sheets! Not only was it inexpensive, but also so quick and easy to make. Clearly, a DIY Canopy for a Bed Fit for a Princess.

#7- DIY Storage Projects

DIY Projects Shelving

Admittedly, this isn’t the prettiest post, but none the less, we all need some sort of storage shelves in our homes.

I believe it’s become a favorite because you can see how quickly and easily you can build your own sturdy Storage Room Organization Shelves on a budget.

#6- Cheap & Unique DIY Projects

DIY Projects for the Bedroom

Obviously, Aiden’s Cars themed room has been popular from the minute it hit our blog, but this year Steph updated his bed.

Up to this point,Steph had been wanting to add diamond plate to the top of the tool box dresser, but it was expensive and we didn’t have a way to conceal the sharp edges. 

However while strolling the aisles of Home Depot one day she came across this diamond plate floor runner. Not only was it cheap, but it was also so easy to work with. See how we used it to create a Cheap & Unique Headboard.

#5- Refinishing Furniture

diy projects for the home

Undoubtedly wood finishes and raw wood are once again gaining in popularity. Once we began to strip the paint off this beautiful French dresser we knew we wanted to show off this gorgeous wood.

As a result, see How to Refinish Furniture with a Raw Wood Look.

#4 Flea Market Flips

Unquestionably flea markets, thrift stores and buying pieces second hand has become so popular.

It should be noted, that this post sends readers to our blog every day.

Clearly, everyone is looking for inspiration to upcycle, repurpose, refinish and restore second hand treasures. See Our Flea Market Flips Favorites.

#3 - Organization

DIY Projects Organization

Ok, this one took me by surprise! Nothing fancy here, just good old fashioned organization with cheap containers.

Along with tips for organizing your freezer we also have FREE printable labels.

Which are a must have to keep your freezer looking this way. If you were to open Steph’s freezer today, you would see that it still looks this way. Labeling makes all the difference.

Freezer Organization to Save You Money!

#2- Inexpensive DIY Bathroom Makeover

Inexpensive DIY Projects

Our second most popular post is this Inexpensive Master Bathroom Makeover. 

Not only does it now look up to date and chic, but also this transformation was done on such a tiny budget.

Be sure to click to see how we did it!

#1- DIY Projects Using Vinegar & Steel Wool

DIY project refinishing furniture

Finally our most popular post by our readers in 2020 is How to Weather Wood with a Vinegar and Steel Wool Stain.

In fact, this post has been read this year almost twice as much as any other post. Click to see why it’s so popular!

Do you have a favorite post we’ve done that did not make the top 10?  We’d love to hear from you.

What are you looking for as you are scrolling online? Do you love inexpensive DIY projects?

That seems to be what most readers are looking for here. With this in mind, we plan to bring you more DIY projects in 2021. In short, we plan on more inexpensive ideas to “bring your home to the sunny side of the street!”

Thanks for spending some time with us as we reminisced a little about 2020.

We hope you’ve been inspired to start a DIY project in 2021 to transform it into a thing of beauty! Please share your ideas and projects with us, we love hearing from you!

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DIY Projects for Home

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