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How To DIY for Beginners!

DIY is an acronym we hear and see everywhere, and you likely already know what it stands for: “do it yourself.” Sounds basic enough, but this idea to DIY might bring forth surprisingly different ideas or images for different people, because in reality, it can mean so many different things.

Essentially, DIY means that, instead of hiring a professional to do something, or instead of buying a prefabricated item, you’re choosing to do a specific task or recreate an item yourself.

Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t turn to resources for help. DIY is really more about seeking out the knowledge and means necessary to develop skills to complete something yourself. Something that you would normally hire someone else to do.

So by all means, grab your favorite idea book, scroll through Pinterest and Instagram, search for tutorials on YouTube, or head to popular blog posts to research different methods or to make sure you’re on the right track. Utilizing any of these resources still counts as doing it yourself.

Since pretty much anything can fall under the umbrella of DIY, from making kids slime, cutting your hair, making your own clothes, decorating a cake, to patching a hole in the wall. Clearly, this coined term gets added to a lot of projects.

What is a Good DIY Project for Beginners

For us, it really means anything hands on. We’re often attracted to high price ticket items and can’t swallow the cost. So, we opt to doing it ourselves instead.

Our minds usually go to home improvement tasks, refinishing furniture, recreating unique home decor items or crafts.

In this post today, we’d like to share just 10 project ideas to DIY for beginners that are surprisingly doable. Each is accompanied with a link to a detailed tutorial (many including videos) with step by step directions to guide you to a successful end result!

These 10 project ideas to DIY for beginners are handpicked for just that, the beginner in mind. Anyone can complete these DIY projects with great results.

So, if you’ve been wanting to try your hand at DIY, tap the highlighted links below to learn specifically about each of these project ideas. You’re sure to be hooked on doing it yourself!

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using chalk paint to refinish furniture - The Perfect DIy for Beginners

DIY Projects Anyone Can Do

One of our most favorite things to DIY is refinishing furniture. We often find old discarded pieces others would see as trash, and bring them back to life.

This was the case for this farmhouse coffee table we refinished for a client. At first glance this piece even had us wondering if it was salvageable or not! It was in pretty rough shape. But with a bit of work, we were able to transform this into a beautiful piece that will last for years to come.

Refinishing furniture with chalk paint is a great project for a beginner.

It’s easy to work with and  the results are amazing!

Just checkout the transformation of this china hutch.

Thrift Store furniture flip

DIY Projects Anyone Can Do

Incorporating second hand items is a great way to customize your home with unique pieces. Using the resources to DIY in many cases even allows you to restore items at a fraction of the cost!

Often times, we enjoy ourselves on the hunt for a piece of furniture to flip just as much as we do refinishing the piece. We love to scour our local thrift stores, vintage markets and online marketplace.

To many, at first glace, this lateral filing cabinet wouldn’t have received a second thought. But for me, I immediately envisioned it painted in a glossy red paint and knew it would make the perfect statement piece in this car themed bedroom!

You can see the full transformation in this tutorial. Or you can head to the tour of this car themed bedroom for even more DIY project ideas!

No Sew Reupholster on a dime

DIY Projects Anyone Can Do

Have you ever been drawn to a piece of furniture for the detailed woodwork or curves, but can’t stand the thought of living with the current upholstery job?

The thought of reupholstering a piece of furniture would have many running in the opposite direction! But in this simple tutorial you’ll learn how easy it is to reupholster a piece of furniture without sewing! After learning this skill, you’ll be searching for more pieces to tackle!

Fix a wobbly chair - A Beginner DIY

Other times, you may have a piece of furniture that is a bit unstable. Your first impression may be to throw it out. But in this tutorial you’ll learn how to easily fix a wobbly chair, so you can continue to enjoy it in your home.

We also share our little secret on how to restore the wood finish in just minutes.

how to hang curtains in a bay window

DIY Projects Anyone Can Do

Perhaps you find yourself styling a room and want to dress the windows up with some draperies…only to realize you CAN’T find a curtain rod that will hang inside your bay window! 

In this tutorial we share our hack on how to make your own custom rod to fit inside a bay window. Better yet, this hack can be achieved for just a few dollars!

how to paint a room and get pro results - A DIY Guide for beginners

DIY Projects Anyone Can Do

The most cost effective and dramatic way to freshen up a room is to simply add new paint. Perhaps you’re leery of painting because of the work it may take, poor results you’ve achieved in the past, or the lack of knowing how to achieve great results.

These are all valid concerns, but clearly this is a DIY for beginners that anyone can do! My young daughter is seen here helping paint her own room.

Head to the tutorial to learn our tricks on how to paint a room and get pro results.

And if you’d like to learn how to paint a room fast with less mess, check out our tips and tricks.

Upcycle unique home decor - dIY for Beginners

DIY Projects Anyone Can Do

I’ve always been drawn to upcycled items because of how clever they can be. It’s fascinating to see what others can create using old discarded items.

This was the case for this worn and rusty old wagon!

I’d seen several upcycled wagon ideas on Pinterest and knew I had to get my hands on one. In just 30 minutes I was able to transform this wagon into a unique piece of home decor for my sons bedroom.

Tap the link to see exactly how we were able to turn this old wagon into a unique shelf!

Tile floor refresh without replacing or painting

DIY Projects Anyone Can Do

Do you have dated tile floors? You’re ready to update the look and bring them into this century? Perhaps you don’t have the means to replace the tile, or don’t want to go to the hassle of painting them? In this tutorial you’ll learn how to give your tile floor a makeover on a budget that will give jaw dropping results with minimal effort!

how to resize canvas art

DIY Projects Anyone Can Do

This next DIY for beginners may be a bit off the beaten path. We haven’t heard of anyone else doing this before. Nonetheless, its a doable DIY anyone can tackle and achieve great results.

Have you ever fallen in love with a piece of artwork, but it was the wrong size for your space? This was the case when we were redoing our master bedroom on a budget.

I was on the hunt for the perfect piece of artwork to conceal our TV. This piece called my name and I fell in love with it, however the original dimensions wouldn’t work.

Well that wasn’t about to stop me. I’d been on the hunt long enough and I loved this piece so I knew I could make it work. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to resize a canvas to customize it to fit any space in your home!

DIY for Beginners - board and batten wall

Every room should have a focal point, whether that be architectural detail or an accent wall. Our master bedroom was in dire need of an accent wall!

I wanted something simple with straight lines, yet something that would have a large impact in the space!  

My Hubby and I installed this EASY DIY Board and Batten Wall for under $50, in just an afternoon! Visit our tutorial for a step by step directions, video tutorial and full list of supplies needed.

What beginner DIY projects stand out to you? What are you anxious to try? Let us know in the comments.

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